Today, we’re excited to announce our integration with Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is an email marketing solution designed specifically for ecommerce stores. Most email marketing platforms report on signs of engagement, like clicks and opens. Klaviyo goes a step further and shows you how many orders and how much revenue your email campaigns are generating.

The data-driven marketing dream team

The team up between Klaviyo and Wicked Reports makes a lot of sense. Klaviyo customers are typically data-driven ecommerce stores. They need insight into how many orders and how much revenue their email marketing is creating. Wicked Reports is the perfect complement to the insight Klaviyo provides. With Wicked Reports you can see the exact ROI of your paid advertising, your social media activity, and all your other marketing efforts, in addition to your email marketing.

You’re able to see how each piece of your marketing works together across the complete customer journey to convert customers — from the moment they first heard about you to the moment they became a paying customer. You can see where your best customers are coming from and what is the final push that converts them. Using Klaviyo and Wicked Reports together gives you even more insight into how your marketing is performing across channels and throughout the customer journey.

Getting started

Existing customers can set up the new Klaviyo integration by going to Setup > Authorizations. Click the green “Connect” button next to the Klaviyo logo. You’ll be asked for your Klaviyo API key. Click authorize, and you’re set! Wicked Reports will begin importing your contact data and tying it to orders and revenue throughout the customer lifecycle.

If you’re not yet a Wicked Reports customer, you can get a demo to see Wicked Reports in action or pick one of our plans to get started today.