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Did you know…Potential Missed Opportunities

By Andy Nadler on Jun 27, 2022 1:52:26 PM

Did you know…Potential Missed Opportunities

Did you know that you could find inactive campaigns that are still generating revenue and may be worth turning back on as a way to potentially continue boosting sales?

Oftentimes as a media buyer, you’re making fast decisions on imperfect information.  You’ve launched an ad campaign and after a few days, it’s not performing as you’d like so you cut it and move onto the next one.

I bet you rarely think about the campaigns you’ve turned off and if you acted to soon.  Perhaps it’s one of those campaigns that did a great job at getting attention, but the prospects just weren’t ready to buy and it took them a few extra days to make that purchase.  You may never know the missed opportunities you have at campaigns with delayed revenue.

Wicked Reports has a great report to help with this, called Potential Missed Opportunities. 

You can quickly see any ad where you’ve spent $0 in the past 30 days, but revenue has continued to come in from folks who clicked it.


This is a great opportunity to learn about campaigns that may be worth re-visiting and turning back on and giving them a little more time to produce results than you normally would.


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Andy Nadler

Written by Andy Nadler