You may have heard about the new update coming to iOS15.

Are you wondering how iOS15 will affect advertisers using Wicked Reports?

The short answer: It doesn't.

Keep reading for the long answer.

The crux of it is that there's a new Email Privacy Protection that prevents brands from knowing if an iOS15 user opened an email.

It also masks the user's IP address, which makes it challenging for advertisers to link the online activity or determine user location.

The new iOS15 privacy features that are going to provide challenges for analytics and tracking software.

It's time to just admit that 3rd party tracking is going to become obsolete.

Email open tracking from the Apple Mail app will be obsolete. 

Here is what a user would see on the iOS15 Apple Mail app when they choose to hide their email from trackers:

Hide My Email

Wicked Reports takes your customer's privacy seriously.

That is why we use first party tracking technology. No creepy internet stalking here. 

So it's no surprise that Wicked’s first party data tracking is mostly unaffected by the Apple IOS 15 changes.

  • Cold traffic lead gen, Existing Lead re-optin, and Last click tracking are all still holding up in our testing.
  • First click tracking will have some mild data loss - a few percentage points of attribution coverage loss is predicted.

Why don't iOS15 changes affect Wicked?

  • "Hide My Email" does not affect Wicked Reports' tracking because of our proprietary tracking mechanisms.
  • "Private Relay" provides a mild impact on Wicked's first click tracking. There are some scenarios where we will not be able to connect iOS15 first clicks to the CRM data if the time between first click and creation of the CRM record is too long.

How come Wicked is not affected by ios15 but Facebook and others are?

  • Wicked uses 1st party data from the advertiser. We connect it with click data to your brand's website. Your brand is the only one who can use that data. This is not only compliant with GDPR and CCPA privacy laws, but it's just the right thing to do.
  • Facebook tracks users across websites using 3rd party view and click data acquired in a multitude of ways. They use this information to determine user behavior across entire web browsing sessions across many websites and apps.
  • Wicked does not participate in 3rd party data sniffing of user behavior or data off-site or off-session.

How can you still get positive advertising results in the face of iOS15 challenges?

  • An easy iOS15 marketing strategy to mitigate the negative effects is to pivot your strategy to focus on collection of first party data (like emails) instead of relying on audiences creates from aggregated 3rd party data (like Facebook).
  • Collecting emails at the TOF when targeting cold traffic is going to be untouched. This first party data collection will become critical to capture and use.
  • Conversion integrations with Facebook, Google, and Amazon are critical.
  • Demand ROI from cold traffic campaigns based on actual clicks, not modeled data.
  • Diversify to channels other than Facebook. Most Wicked clients use multiple cold traffic sources such as Google Search, YouTube, Pinterest, Bing, Tiktok, and others.

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