The product report shows you all products at a glance, giving you important information about sales:

  • Get a quick, at-a-glance, top 10 list of your highest-revenue products in the time period.
  • See which products are selling the best within any given time period.
  • See how many sales occurred along with the revenue generated.
  • Drill down between one-time and subscription reports.
  • See your top 10 product sales over any time period you specify.
  • View the data for all products or any combination of Products, included Subscription vs. One-Time products.


Getting the product report is Step One.

Step Two is earning how to use the report to grow your business.

Learn how to make the product report work for you here by going to the Wicked Reports Knowledge Base for Products Reports. Scroll down to "How do I use this report?" and follow the instructions.

Get started now to learn which of your products works best for you and when.