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Wicked Data Cleanup

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Aug 11, 2019 10:40:56 AM

Wicked Data Cleanup

At Wicked Reports, we are always looking at how we can give our clients the most accurate view of their Wicked data. As part of this effort, we are introducing several enhancements over the next several weeks and months that will cleanup your Wicked data. Below is the first set of enhancements that we are introducing with some background on each enhancement and how it will impact you. Going forward, we will release new articles describing how we are helping you get a more accurate view of your Wicked attribution data.

Removing Google Analytics (GA) Data

Yes, you read that correctly, we are removing GA data from Wicked Reports. GA data was initially leveraged back in 2014, when for technology reasons, we weren’t able to track all the click counts you may have. However, over the past few years, we have upgraded our systems and improved the product that we can now better track click counts (email, etc). We’ve also noticed that Google Analytics brings in a lot of data that we can’t help our clients with. For example, there is a lot of unusable data from GA, like clicks from bots, that we don’t use in Wicked Reports. Also, clicks are overcounted as we count clicks and GA has their own rules for counting clicks which has caused issues for our clients. Ultimately, we couldn’t use GA data for any attribution health!

Benefits of removing Google Analytics

  1. As we will no longer be pulling data from GA, our morning processing time will speed up! This means you will get your data faster!
  2. Eliminates double counting of clicks
  3. Eliminates data that doesn’t relate to marketing attribution, which is why you are using Wicked Reports!
  4. Google Analytics is great for user behavior analysis but that’s not our focus. We focus on providing the best marketing attribution analysis in the industry and only show you what we track!

What to expect with this new change

  1. All GA will be removed from your account. You won’t have to do anything on your side.
  2. We have removed GA authorization from the authorization page.
  3. Your click counts will change, but the click counts we are providing are the actual Wicked Report clicks that one of your customers clicked on.
Contact Pre-Wicked Cleanup

Why do we need to clean up Contact Pre-Wicked?

Back in 2015, when we only had single point attribution models, we setup the attribution for your data prior to joining Wicked Reports in an easy to understand format. However, with our new full impact model where we are looking at multiple attribution points at once, this was causing double counting or over-reporting on things that weren’t tracked when in actuality we tracked more than it shows because we over-reported things we didn’t track.

What to expect with this new change

  1. We have renamed Contact Pre-Wicked to Pre-Wicked and it will correctly attribute revenue prior to you joining Wicked Reports.
  2. Your revenue reconciliation for any given day will add up correctly.
  3. We’ve introduced a new term called Unattributed, that will show your clicks, sales, and revenue that do not have any attribution. You can now easily see where you might be missing some attribution. Which leads to…
Introducing Attribution Health

In Mission Control, we are now offering you the ability to see your attribution health. This will provide you some insight as to whether you are receiving "enough" attribution or not. In this case, enough is being determined by comparing the percentage of new orders in your account that are being attributed to your marketing efforts to the average attribution across our entire client base for the past 30 days. This compares your attribution to hundreds of thousands of orders each month! Below is an example of the Attribution Health Indicator.

Wicked Data Cleanup
To read more about the new attribution health indicator and explain in more detail about each category, please visit our help document.