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Organic Attribution

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Jul 22, 2019 10:39:58 AM

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organic marketing attribution
Wicked Reports announces organic traffic attribution.

At Wicked Reports, we are always looking at how we can give our clients the most accurate view of their Wicked data. As part of this effort, we are introducing several enhancements over the next several weeks and months that will cleanup your Wicked data. Below is the first set of enhancements that we are introducing with some background on each enhancement and how it will impact you. Going forward, we will release new articles describing how we are helping you get a more accurate view of your Wicked attribution data.

Benefits and Focus of the Organic Tracking

  1. Marketing attribution of inbound organic traffic that generates leads and sales.
  2. Lifetime value of Organic Tracking sources.
  3. Lifetime value of specific inbound landing page URLs that generate high value customers over time.
  4. Lifetime value of key Referral sources and URLs.
  5. Connecting inbound organic traffic to lead generation that becomes high value customers over time.

How to activate

  1. Go to your settings page for your account and turn Organic Tracking on.
  2. As always, the Wicked Reports tracking script should be on all web pages, lead generation forms, order forms, shopping cart pages, and landing page technology.

Important note about Wicked Organic Traffic Attribution vs. Google Analytics

  1. There will be no attempt to match or correlate to Google Analytics click counts, goals, or reporting. Organic traffic attribution is about valuable marketing attribution data only.
  2. This is NOT funnel tracking, user behavior tracking, bounce rate, or any other website metric that Google Analytics already does quite well.

How Wicked Reports Organic Traffic Attribution Works

Wicked Reports tracks all inbound clicks that start a user session on your web properties where our script is installed. If that inbound click becomes a lead or sale within your attribution time window settings, the inbound organic click will get attribution credit per the rules of all the various Wicked attribution models.In the event Wicked already has a paid media, email, or UTM tracked click in the attribution time window, the inbound organic click is ignored.

Organic Traffic Attribution UTM mapping

To allow easy analysis between organic traffic, paid media, and email traffic, Wicked Reports maps inbound clicks to a set of 5 UTM tracking parameters. For all traffic sources below, the values of the UTMS auto-mapped by Wicked Reports for your inbound traffic are listed. This auto-mapping is used whenever we detect inbound organic traffic only.

Organic Traffic Source Source Medium Campaign Content Term
Google search Google Organic Organic Search Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic
Facebook Facebook Referral Social Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic
Direct Direct Direct Direct Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic
Referral Referring URL Referral Referral Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic
LinkedIn LinkedIn Referral Social Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic
Instagram Instagram Referral Social Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic
Bing Bing Organic Organic Search Landing Page URL stripped of query params Organic traffic


What Organic Traffic Attribution Data Looks Like Inside Wicked Reports

The sales from organic inbound traffic, that generated leads that became customers, is also segmented between new sales and subscription rebills.

You can click on the leads and sales to get verifiable 1st party CRM and Shopping Cart data behind the attribution. In the screenshot below, these are the sales that have come from referrals.

Organic Search attribution results broken down between Google, Facebook, and Ask

Referral data shows the top referring domains from an attribution perspective

Some notes on these screenshots above:
  1. Yes, there can be sales without clicks or leads during the reporting time period. This means that Wicked Reports captured the new lead generation or existing lead reactivation click PRIOR to the reporting time period, but the order occurring WITHIN the time period. Lifetime value people!
  2. Sometimes organic inbound referral traffic data can be messy. Referral tracking only knows the last known domain before a user session begins and our tracking script loads. We can only report the data given to us.
  3. Organic tracking is helpful and directional, but paid media, email, and UTM-tagged traffic is usually more actionable.