We created Wicked Reports because of the confusing, cryptic, and unverifiable ways existing analytics tools attributed revenue and sales.  People came to us who had tried everything else and were tired of banging their heads against the wall.

Trying to figure out how they actually made their sales was too complicated and often incomplete because they had to use the correct attribution model that fit their specific marketing strategy. Otherwise they could mistakenly kill high-ROI campaigns (see our case study on Digital Marketer's blog) or attempt to scale campaigns that brought in poor leads.

We offer you this video on attribution models to ensure that you are careful to use the right metrics and models when evaluating your ROI. Wicked Reports customers present and future will find it worthwhile viewing for all future Wicked Reports customers,

Here are the points where you can find some key attribution insights:

0:49 - Questions "First Click" attribution answers.

1:24 - How first click attribution works

2:56 - Strategies that call for "First Optin" attribution

3:17 - How first optin works

3:40 - Questions that "first optin" attribution answers.

5:55 - Strategies that call for "Converting Click" attribution

6:07 - Questions "Converting Click" attribution answers.

6:50 - Strategies that call for "Last Engagement" attribution

7:44 - Questions that "Last Engagement" attribution answers

8:07 - Model selection advice

8:17 - Double-counting will never happen on one attribution model

9:12 - Reasons for missing attribution