Wicked Reports has announced two new functions that give our customers greater simplicity, flexibility and ease of use. The CSV Upload feature makes it easy to upload data from multiple sources and the Automatic Link Builder lets you create tracking links from inside Wicked Reports.

CSV Upload

  • Does the thought of integrating multiple data sources make you break out in a cold sweat?
  • Are you confused about where to start when attributing orders from different sales systems?
  • Do you worry about losing data from one order system when migrating to another? Or worse, having to import all those records manually?

Take a deep breath and relax because Wicked Reports now makes this simple!

Easy Integration from Multiple Sources

We know you’re a marketer, not a data analyst so we have made integrating multiple data sources as easy as possible.

To begin with, Wicked Reports automatically pulls data from your CRM as well as from the online marketing industry’s most important sources of information. These include online ad networks, websites, landing pages, and emails.

If your business uses a different order system, however, that’s not a problem. Neither is migrating from one order system to another. You can attribute orders from any sales system and upload them manually via a valid, formatted CSV file with out Automatic CSV Upload feature..

Retroactive Attribution

If you are changing order systems, you can track orders from the old system without having to import them into the new one. Even better, the CSV Upload feature will  attribute uploaded orders retroactively back to any tracked click over time.

Wicked Reports processes uploaded orders daily, like all other orders, and reflects the data in your reports the following day.

With our CSV Upload feature you can forget about the complex technical details of integrating data from multiple orders systems and focus on generating business. After all, isn’t that your most important job?

Want to use the our new CSV Upload feature?

Automatic Link Builder

  • Do you hate creating tracking links?
  • Would you rather read a vendor contract than go through the complicated process of adding a unique link to every single piece of marketing?
  • Is this one job that sinks to the bottom of your To Do list?

You know that tracking links are crucial to collecting accurate marketing metrics. Without them, you have no accurate data to use when measuring success. Adding tracking parameters to your email links, social media links, online advertising links, and pretty much anything else you do makes the connection between lead generation and profit, program and purchase.

So Many Links, Too Much Confusion

You get all this but, still, creating those links takes time. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you dread getting into levels of technical detail you may not understand. So many decisions to make and so much confusion. You have to put in different types of information—and in the right sequence. Did you remember the correct naming scheme? Can you use special characters or will they mess up the link? The process is so complicated it just stresses you out.

With so many other things to do and so many demands on your time, this process can feel both tedious and overwhelming.

We know you’re keeping 10 plates spinning in the air and your time is precious. So Wicked Reports has made adding tracking links as easy as possible.

Create Tracking Links Inside Wicked Reports

How?  We now give you the ability to create tracking links right inside the Wicked Reports tool. You’ll find the Automatic Link Builder easily in the Wicked Link Builder menu. Once you open it, you’ll have three options:

  1. Email Broadcast:
    UTM recommendations for email broadcasts. This option creates default UTMs for Source (email-broadcast) and Medium (email).
  2. Email Automated Sequence:
    UTM recommendations for automated emails. This option creates default UTMs for Source ( email-automated) and Medium (email).
  3. Other:
    This option for all other links with UTMs provides no defaults. You set them however you choose.

Don’t worry if you’re not a UTM expert. We even include a video that explains in clear steps what UTMs are and how they work.

Now you can forget about the complex technical details and just follow a simple formula. You’ll be done before you know it. Then all you do is save the UTM values. We make them available in the future so you can select among them when you build more links later on.

Wicked Reports makes tracking links so simple you’ll never procrastinate about building them again.

Want to use our Automatic Link Builder and watch the video? 

Click here to learn more about our Automatic Link Builder