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Wicked Reports now offers a powerful report for businesses called FunnelVision that helps track and optimize the customer journey. This report provides a visual representation of the funnel and allows businesses to identify areas for improvement by tracking conversion rates at each stage.

With the FunnelVision report, eCom brands can see which campaigns drive the most sales and adjust their marketing budgets accordingly. This allows them to allocate their resources effectively and optimize their campaigns to increase their ROI.

FunnelVision report is essential for any brand or digital media buying agency looking to maximize their marketing efforts, increase sales, stop wasted ad spend and greatly improve ROAS. 

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- Unsure if Pinterest ad platform is reporting accurate leads and conversions
   It's probably taking credit, even it didn't! You have a ton of other marketing in place (email, SMS, Facebook, Google, etc) and Pinterest can't see what's going on with other channels. It takes credit for what it thinks happened on that channel only.

- Problems with proving TOF and MOF for subscription brands
 Subscribers become more valuable over time, and if your most valuable customers are coming from TOF paid ads on Pinterest, you might consider ramping up efforts there. If you can't track that recurring revenue back to those clicks, you're in the dark about true ROI on the channel. 

- You can't compare costs or performance easily between all channels
Wicked Reports shows all data in one place and gives accurate ROI for each channel - you can trust it because it's from a reliable, first party source. You can keep track of all your costs, clicks, ROI, ROAS, leads in one spot.

What else can you expect from Wicked Reports?

- Robust ROI reports - Full Impact, First Click, Last Click, and Linear Attribution modeling!
- Customer journey insights

- Customer LTV and Cohort reporting
- Deep integrations with transparent data results
- Easy integration setup
- Guided onboarding
- Fanatical customer support

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Wicked reports vs northbeam book a live demo