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By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Oct 12, 2023 12:51:45 PM

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Dive into our exciting video where Scott expertly showcases the power of our Customer Journey feature. Learn how to trace the steps of your best customers from last year's Black Friday/Cyber Monday and leverage this knowledge for even greater success this year!


🔍 Reverse Engineer Your Way to BFCM Triumph!

Got measurement and attribution data from last Q4? It's time to put it to work! Use these insights to craft a winning strategy for BFCM 2023.

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Here's a sneak peek into your potential game plan:

  1. Invest Now, Reap Later: Boost your spend today to gather leads for BFCM – this works wonders, even for e-commerce.
  2. Pre-BFCM Paid Traffic is Key: A lot of BFCM sales originate from pre-event paid traffic, clinching deals through email/SMS on the day.
  3. Don’t Overlook Microsoft Search: Often underestimated, Microsoft Search could be a hidden gem in your paid media strategy.
  4. Repeat Customers Galore: Expect more repeat business than new during BFCM – surprising, but true!
  5. Focus on CAC/LTV, Not Just CAC/AOV: Look at the bigger picture. Long-term customer value reveals more than immediate acquisition costs.

Ready to make this BFCM your most successful yet? Let Scott guide you through it!

#1 - 80% of last click sales closed on email / sms / popup notifications

#2 Over 50% of SMS BFCM conversions came from TOF paid ads

#3 general trend - paid ad clicks from the past drive Black  Friday conversions.

#4 Unpopular take but the data is the data…more likely to get a repeat customer than a new one on BFCM

#5 Top Tip: Don’t pay FB/Meta’s exorbitant prices on Black Friday. The AOV to CAC ratio is no bueno,

#6 However, if you play the longer game of CAC/LTV ratio, paid media does outstanding

#7 adjust your budget pacing and don’t start spending until the customers do

Follow these steps and you will be able to scale what worked and change what didn’t.  Otherwise you could be doomed to repeating mistakes from the past.

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