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By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Feb 28, 2020 9:56:50 AM

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As a consultant or agency, you want to give your marketing clients the most value—and impact—for their money. After all, they trust you to be their expert partner, someone who knows more, has outstanding creative and can analyze the results. They want great ideas, powerful copy, and deep expertise.

Tough Client Questions

Above all, they want you to demonstrate—in that all-important monthly report—a solid understanding of their marketing programs.

  • Which ones worked best?
  • Which campaigns didn’t cut the mustard?
  • How much money did each one make?
  • How long did it take for the sales to start coming in?
  • Where did the best customers come from?
  • What was the long-term value of a campaign?
  • What the ratio of cost to revenue?

You need to give your marketing clients this information, of course. Your business’s  revenue depends on keeping your customers happy because they can trust you to deliver the whole package.

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Power Conversations                                                   

Now imagine going beyond the monthly report to give them even more than they expect. Picture having conversations like these seven ways to dazzle your marketing clients:

  1. “Our analysis shows that emails sent out on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. and Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. generate the most sales. We recommend setting all email blasts for those days and times to get the most from each one.”
  1. “Sure, the introductory price offer doesn’t appear to work well right away but over time it really delivers. In 120 days it has a 357% return on investment. So we absolutely should keep this ad in the rotation.”
  1. “Yes, all the ‘best practices’ white papers recommend using that online ad site but it’s just not working for us. Let’s stop now before we throw good money after bad and advertise on the site that performs best for us with a 245% ROI.”
  1. “We’ve organized all the Facebook ads from highest ROI to lowest in terms of cost per lead vs. earnings per lead. We want to double down on the top 10 revenue producers and drop the worst performers. That will maximize your investment and improve profits by 623%.”
  1. “Your top-performing customers came from these three lead sources. The prospects typically take 90 days from first contact to purchase but then 72% convert to subscription customers that bring in $2 million a month in revenue. We’re developing four new campaigns to reach out to these sources using the messages that converted most.”
  1. “Our emails are working best in the Midwest on Tuesdays and the West Coast on Thursdays. We get the most sales from the Pacific Northwest states on Mondays and Fridays.  We’re going to change email distributions in those locations to go out on the days that are most profitable.”
  1. “Here’s the lifetime value of our social media outlets by audience, content, source and medium. Let me show you exactly which Tweets, posts and pins led to the most sales. Here’s where and how we need to focus our social media efforts for the next six months.”

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