The wait is OVER!

Active Campaign and Stripe users can now get the full value of sales data through patent-pending technology from Wicked Reports that tracks ROI across all your marketing programs with minimal effort.

Wicked Reports is available for Active Campaign users that process payments with Stripe.

wicked reports active campaign stripe

Four Simple Steps

What exactly does this mean for a company that fits these criteria? First, getting started takes just four simple steps:

  • You authorize Active Campaign, Stripe, Facebook, and Google.
  • You click a button to put tracking on your Facebook ads.
  • You add your Wicked tracking script to your website and landing pages.
  • You append tracking info on your emails.

Crystal Clear Marketing Efforts

And that's it! With Active Campaign plus Stripe and Wicked Reports you can say hello to crystal clear online (and some offline) marketing efforts!

If you are on our Wicked Reports list already, you know we are offering a short-term incentive to all new Active Campaign plus Stripe customers that invest in Wicked Reports.