Learn How to Create an Evergreen Profit System

Have you ever wished for a training program that combines teaching time with work time and matches theory with action? You know, a program that sends you out of the room filled with great ideas but also with the real tools and tactics you need to implement those... read more

Set Up Facebook Ad Tracking Wicked Fast

If you’re using Wicked Reports, you most likely want to track the ROI of your Facebook ads. Before you can do that, you need to set up tracking on each individual ad. Sounds labor intensive, I know what you’re thinking. But… We recently came out with our “Facebook Ad... read more

The Three Big Problems with Today’s Link Tracking

Link tracking has been in the news lately because it’s just not working efficiently.

Even big companies have problems with it, much less small or medium-size businesses. When you’re committing money to online ads, however, you need to track the results as effectively as possible.

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Six Answers You Need to Grow Your Business

If you want to grow your business in the New Year, you’re probably asking these six critical questions: Where did my best customers come from? How much money do I make from my ads in the first 24 hours? After 7 days? After 30 days? Which emails or retargeting... read more

Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Shopify

You look in your Shopify app and see that you made a sale. That’s great! Now you want to do more of what brought the sale in because it worked. Of course, that’s only logical. But now you ask . . . Where did that customer come from? Was it that killer email you sent... read more

Answers to 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Now and again we like to share some of the questions people ask us about Wicked Reports  most often. These frequently asked questions come from folks just like you, who want to make smart, data-driven decisions for their businesses. How long does it take to set up... read more

WickedSmartz Makes for Smart Marketing

What good is a system for measuring your online ad results if you have to crunch all the numbers yourself? After you spend hours going from spreadsheet to spreadsheet and column to column, do you actually know more about which ads and emails deliver revenue? Do you... read more