Wicked Reports is designed to follow users across devices by tracking clicks, leads, email opens, purchases, and other user action.

In the past, there have been some circumstances where a click might have occurred but Wicked didn't track it.

For example: 

  1. You go to a marketing event and collect new leads and import them into your CRM. 
  2. You purchased and email list and import all the contacts into your CRM. 
  3. You signed up for Wicked Reports and have a number of contacts who already exist and you know exactly where you found those leads. 
  4. You want to track future funnel steps back to the original source of the contact.
    Example: Your funnel brings in new leads through Facebook. After a number of steps in your funnel, your contacts need to book a call with your team and you want to be able to see how many Calls were booked from these Facebook Ads. You can create "Re-Optins" for the original First Optin of the contact. In this scenario the Re-Optin count for the Facebook Ad would be a good indicator of Calls that were booked later.
  5. You received orders from a source and did not have tracking on the links or there was simply no click to track. You can set the Last Click Attribution for a customer's MOST RECENT order.

We have recently added a new product feature that allows you to record this click with an HTTP Post. 

If you're an advanced Wicked User you can now send these clicks to Wicked for attribution.

Clicks API Documentation:


Creating Custom Clicks with HTTP Post:


Uploading Custom Clicks: