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GDPR Update

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on May 25, 2018 10:05:47 AM

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gdpr update

As the GDPR implementation deadline of May 25th approaches, we have received several inquiries from our EU-based clients and clients having their own EU-based customers who are concerned about GDPR compliance.

We have implemented a few minor changes to make this more straight forward for you all, and I wanted to let you know what we’re doing to accommodate these regulations and to help ensure our own compliance as well as make it easier for you to assure your own.

In order to provide our services, we obviously need to use and store some personally identifiable information (PII) about you, our client, and your business. We wouldn’t be able to provide services to you otherwise. But we also know that just because you’ve chosen to do business with us, doesn’t mean you want to get hammered with marketing from us non-stop.

We are still in the process of separating our client promotions and marketing from necessary business communications about things like account alerts, Terms of Service updates, and billing notices and will continue to improve that experience for you over time.

We have also updating our Terms and Conditions to reflect that, as part of doing business with us, you acknowledge the necessity of our communicating with you and will remain diligent about not abusing that relationship.

As far as our role as the Data Processor for your business, we are also implementing a few things there to help you be GDPR compliant with respect to your handling of your customer data and PII.

For our EU-based clients, we have a Wicked Reports EU-GDPR Compliant Data Processor Agreement that we can enter into with you. If this applies to you, please email support@wickedreports.com and we will send you the doc to be e-signed and once complete, we will countersign and you'll have the fully signed doc in your email.

For your EU-based customers, we now have the ability to remove PII from your click history, tracking, and reporting upon request. We will continue to process data from your shopping cart and CRM for the purposes of providing the analytics you value. If one of your customers or prospects asks to be removed from your systems, you can also notify us that they should be removed by specifying the email address in question, and we will scrub our records within the specified 28 days without impacting your reporting or analysis. You should submit such requests through the Support menu of your Wicked Reports account or by emailing support@wickedreports.com with your account information and the details of the contact to be removed.

While we may anonymize your data for benchmarking, analysis, and reporting, we never market to, or share your customers or prospects information, with any 3rd parties.

We have updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies to codify these changes. If you require a data processing agreement with us, please download, sign, and return the agreement to support@wickedreports.com for countersigning.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please email support@wickedreports.com and one of our Customer Success Reps will help you out.

Otherwise, please know that we are doing everything we can to protect your data and provide valuable analysis and reporting to all of our customers.