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Did you know... First Click and New Lead Sales Velocity

By Andy Nadler on Jul 13, 2022 9:31:19 AM

Did you know that with Wicked Reports, you can get a very clear understanding of how long it generally takes your prospects and leads to make their first purchase?

Knowing how long it takes for prospects to turn into customers is a very important metric.  Many marketers expect their ads to drive immediate sales from clicks on their Ads.  This can lead to disappointing results or a very inaccurate reading of performance.

Sales today could come from many places.  You likely send emails, text messages and potentially a variety of other marketing messages to your prospects.  Just because a sale happened today, doesn’t mean it’s from an ad click today.

This is especially true for companies with a lead capture focus to their marketing.  Knowing the time window with which you should analyze your ad performance is a critical piece to proper analysis.  If your leads generally take two weeks to make their first purchase and you are analyzing your new ad campaign based on the results during the first week, you are likely not giving that ad enough time to produce results.

For ensuring the proper analysis window, Wicked Reports will show you how long it generally takes for your prospects to make their first purchase after their First Click or after they became a new lead.


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Andy Nadler

Written by Andy Nadler