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Did you know... Any Click Search

By Andy Nadler on Jul 5, 2022 1:06:06 PM

Did you know... Any Click Search

Did you know that with Wicked Reports, you can find every contact or customer that has clicked any given ad?

Oftentimes Wicked Reports will have a larger discrepancy than expected from the marketing platform you’re comparing it to.  Have you ever found yourself frustrated because Facebook says that a campaign got you 50 sales but Wicked Reports only claims 30 or sometimes less?

There’s many reasons for this and one of the major ones is that the marketing platform (i.e. Facebook) is only reporting on what it knows.  It’s not aware of the Google Ads clicks or email and text message clicks that customers are also clicking.  So, what Facebook thinks is a sale it’s responsible for, might really have been attributed to Email or Text messages.


We created “Any Click” to help you discover if an ad really is having more of an impact than the Wicked attribution may initially be showing.  You can use Any Click search to do a couple important things.


First, you can find any contact in your system that we know for sure, clicked any specific ad sometime in their customer Journey.  Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to see all the actual leads in your system who have engaged with one of your ads.  This will help you see how much your ads are really impacting the growth of your lead count.

Second, you can find any order where a specific ad was clicked anytime prior to the sale.  This is helpful because if Facebook is saying it is responsible for 50 sales but Wicked only shows 30, you can find out how many of your customers actually clicked that ad prior to a sale, even if the sale is not attributed to it.  So, even though the ad may not be given direct credit for a sale, you can see that it did have some impact on the customer journey.  So, even with potentially lower ROI or ROAS, an ad may have a bigger impact that it initially seems and may deserve to be kept active.

Any Click Search


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