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Did you know…Custom Attribution of Last Clicks

By Andy Nadler on Jun 22, 2022 9:19:23 AM

Did you know…Custom Attribution of Last Clicks

Did you know that with Wicked Reports, not only can you see the actual last click which generated a sale, but also see how other clicks along the customer journey actually impacts your ROI.

Many times, important ad clicks get lost in the sea of clicks a contact may make.  Not all of those clicks get attributed to a sale, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t contributing to sales and impacting the purchase decision.

Custom Attribution of Last Clicks


What drove the sale?

A common scenario is when an Ad click which drives a contact to optin for the first time but then an email closes the sale.  From a traditional Last Click perspective, that ad didn’t help drive the sale.

When looking at Last Click attribution in the ROI Reports, you are able to ignore “Non-Paid” clicks and find out if that ad would be getting credit for a sale, if not for your email marketing.

This allows you to treat your Wicked Reports data a bit more like Facebook or Google does.

ignore ALL OTHER clicks

There is also an option to ignore “All other” clicks.  Facebook and Google work in a similar way.  They don’t care if a lead clicked a Facebook Ad and then a Google Ad. Both are taking credit for the sale because they are unaware of what’s happening on the other platform.

Ignoring “All Other” clicks has you treating every click as if it were the only click ever made by the contact.  With that in mind and if it were the ONLY click the contact made, would it be given last click attribution credit.

This will help reduce the gap between what Wicked Reports shows and the conversions shown in the specific marketing platforms.

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Andy Nadler

Written by Andy Nadler