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2023 Attribution Insights

By Scott Desgrosseilliers on Jan 3, 2024 10:57:51 AM

Wicked Reports attributed $4.4 billion in revenue in 2023.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Facebook/Meta does almost twice as well at the top of the funnel as measured by first click revenue attribution.
  • Email is still killing it.
  • Google did a tidy billion working at the top and bottom of the funnel.


1 Unveiling the Dual Dynamics of Click Attribution: This report presents a detailed comparison of first and last click contributions for each source. Witness Facebook's prowess in initiating customer journeys with strong First Click results, Email's dominance in sealing the deal at Last Click, and Google's impressive performance across both spectrums.

Ready for a deeper dive? Click the arrow to explore our Pie Chart illustrating the First Click landscape.



2  This pie chart illustrates first click revenue, showcasing the standout performance of both Facebook and Google in capturing that crucial first click attribution.



1 Look at the Dominance of Email in Last Click Revenue: Our Last Click Attribution Report Reveals Over Half a Billion Dollars Attributed to Email Campaigns. Meanwhile, Google makes a powerful impact, excelling in both First and Last Click Revenue Attribution.

Click arrow to see a Pie Chart version.



2 Here is a fresh perspective with our pie chart visualization, offering a breakdown of performance by source in last-click attribution.