Solve GA4 Tracking issues 

Using more than last click attribution for happy clients

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SHOW + PROVE conversions from more than just last click

Wicked Reports solves Google Analytics 4 tracking issues with our advanced, accurate, and provable marketing attribution technology.

Instead of seeing all your sales conversions attributed to Direct, Other, and Owned Media channels, get PPC traffic the credit it deserves.

More than 42% of email last click sales conversions have paid media attribution at TOF or MOF and 96% of direct last click conversion revenue is actually tied to paid marketing efforts - it's easy to tell the client this but you need PROOF to retain their business and keep them satisfied.


Wicked Reports multi-touch-marketing attribution software




CLIENT Questioning zero sales count in ga4


When your agency client logs into Google Analytics and notices zero sales for Facebook for that day, the questions start...

The concerns come through in your email and Slack demanding you answer for this performance.




Prove ROAS


FunnelVision by Wicked Reports shows that Facebook drove 69 sales at a $12 CAC for 18.21 ROAS. This is because up to 80% of sales conversions attributed to Facebook occur from clicks NOT in the bottom of your marketing funnel.

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The Customer Journey explorer shows that 42% of sales converted on email were driven from paid traffic clicks that captured 1st party data!





The Customer journey explorer also shows that 42% of sales converted on SMS and browser pops were driven from paid traffic clicks that captured 1st party data!





FunnelVision is also completely customizable! You can set up your marketing funnel on the fly, right in the same screen, and the sales conversion revenue will reattribute immediately.

This means more visibility, insight, and more importantly, increased ROAS at Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Funnel marketing




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