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Get Maine Lobster

Learn how Get Maine Lobster generated an extra $800,000 in profit per year with Wicked Reports.



Utilize Wicked Reports’ LTV tracking tools to scale winning ad campaigns and increase your marketing ROI.


Ecommerce Challenges

Get Maine Lobster, an ecommerce company based in Portland, Maine, delivers freshly-caught lobster to customers across the country.

The company uses Klaviyo to manage their email marketing campaigns, Infusionsoft as their CRM to manage customer data, and Shopify to power their online store.

They were struggling with getting Facebook ads to get enough ROAS to make it worth their while. They had a difficult time identifying while leads were turning into sales so they could turn the ad campaigns into profit.

"Facebook doesn't work for lobster," said Mark Murell, the company's CEO after spending nearly $5,000 on Facebook with little to show for it.



They chose Wicked Reports in an attempt to...

  • Reduce their overall customer acquisition costs.
  • Identify the channels that were generating at least a 100% ROI.
  • Determine the optimal time to send emails to their prospects.


Increased Facebook Ad ROI by 263%


Increased first-week email conversions by 82%


Drove $157,584 in sales from $16,972 ad spend


Get Maine Lobster chose Wicked Reports to connect their ads to specific sales in their CRM so they could measure the long-term ROI of their paid campaigns.

Mark used Wicked Reports' New Lead First Optin feature in the Facebook ROI Report to identify which ads and audiences were bringing in leads that buy. 


One of his strategies as a growing ecommerce business is to run paid campaigns for top of the funnel lead generation.

Viewing the ROI of his audiences (and all the ads served to each audience) allowed him to match the right message to the right audience.

But sales don't happen immediately, even with optimized messaging. With Wicked Reports'  Sales Velocity Report, Mark was able to identify that over half of his first-sale conversions took over 30 days.

With a newfound emphasis on lead nurturing, Mark used insights from Wicked Reports' Buying Day and Time Report to send emails at the optimal time based on when his prospects buy. This optimization led to more first-week and long-term sales.

These actionable insights are all possible thanks to Wicked Reports.


Why Wicked?

Get Maine Lobster relies on Wicked Reports to pull customer data and the knowledge on how to use that data to drive profits.

With features like first optin tracking, advanced attribution models, and the Buying Day and Time Report, Get Maine Lobster was able to identify which ads and campaigns brought in high-intent leads and how best to turn those leads into customers.


Wicked Reports is the only solution that connects lead generation to high value customers over time using 1st party CRM and sales data.

"Wicked Reports shows me a true picture of the customer journey for our highest value customers. We discovered how to generate higher value leads, giving us the opportunity to nurture the most lucrative future clients instead of focusing just on first-click results."


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With accurate conversion data from Wicked Report, Get Maine Lobster made $157,584 sales from $16,972 ad spend in only 90 days.

  • Scaling winning campaigns and cutting losers allowed Get Maine Lobster to double their marketing ROI on paid ads.
  • Matching the right message to the right audience resulted in over 600% ROI from one campaign.
  • Identifying optimal times to send emails led to a 82% increase in sales — from 29% conversion rates to 53%.
  • Reallocating ad spend to more profitable geographical locations saved thousands on lost shipping charges.

Implementing just five techniques resulted in an extra $800,000 in profit per year — all thanks to insight from Wicked Reports!


"Wicked Reports' software empowers every ad and lead generation campaign I run. It helps me make strategic business decisions based on accurate data, and then track those decisions throughout the sales funnel and for months afterward. Wicked Reports has fueled Get Maine Lobster's growth for more than 4 years now, and I can't imagine what I'd do without it."


Want results like Get Maine Lobster, by scaling your business strategically using customer and sales data you can trust?

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