Wicked Reports just upgraded the ROI report March 26th 2020, here are the highlights:

  1. Speed improvements on the ROI campaign and ROI ad/email level reports
  2. 8 new marketing attribution ROI fields on our ROI report
  3. Easily look at cost to acquire a customer vs. average order value
  4. Subscription companies - see the breakdown of new subscription sales, non-subscription sales, and existing subscription rebills.

All of these insights are available at the campaign, ad, email, keyword, adset, and ad group levels of reporting!  Let's take a look at the new fields.

Watch here or scroll below if you prefer to read:



ROI Fields Wicked Reports

Average Order Value = We take all campaign revenue divided by all orders, so you know the average value of each order.

New Customer CPA & Counts = We breakout the new customers acquired, and the cost to acquire those specific customers.

All Customer CPA & Counts = We look at all customers acquired, and the cost to acquire them.

Subscription vs. Non Subscription Order Segmentation = If you are a subscription company, you will now know the source of new subscriptions vs. recurring billed revenue attribution.

Let's look in details at how to use each of these fields to improve your marketing ROI.

Average Order Value

marketing attribution average order value

New & All Customer Counts and CPA

marketing attribution for new customer cpa

Subscription Order Segmentation

Subscription order segmentation for marketing attribution