Wicked Reports vs. Tracking Pixel Attribution Solutions

Wicked Reports vs. Tracking Pixel Attribution Solutions

Wicked Reports marketing attribution has important distinctions with Oribi, Attribution.io, and any other attribution solution that uses pixels for conversion reporting.  

Attribution based on a pixel for tracking conversions has 3 major problems:  It misses all subscription recurring conversions, it does not differentiate between sales conversions of different values, and it does not connect new lead conversions to customer lifetime value.

Let's look at the specific differences Wicked Reports and Oribi, Attribution.io, and any other attribution solution that says "all you have to do is drop our pixel on your page".



Wicked Reports Tracks multi-channel clicks and reports them against identified leads and sales forever.





Attribution that uses a conversion pixel is no different than Google Analytics Attribution - except maybe a prettier UI.



Wicked Reports detects real conversions from your CRM and sales data.  We attribute conversion value for the lifetime of the customer.





Tracking Pixel Attribution only attributes conversion value for the amount hard-coded in the pixel code.

Wicked Reports attributes customer lifetime value back to top of the funnel lead conversions detected from your CRM - so you know it's a real lead.



Tracking Pixel attribution does not provide conversion weighting based on new lead generation, and does not attribute customer lifetime value back to new lead generation.



Wicked Reports automatically detects your subscription recurring revenue and attributes back to the deserving cross-channel clicks.





Tracking Pixel Attribution is blind to subscription recurring revenue conversion value.

Wicked Reports automatically builds a customer journey based on clicks, CRM events, and Sales conversions.

This customer journey pinpoints the ROI in your funnel (or lack thereof). You can shift ad budget to the higher ROI funnel conversion areas and save wasted budget elsewhere.



 Tracking Pixel Attribution conversion tracking is clueless if a lead is a new lead or an existing lead that clicks on an ad. This hurts your ability to scale winning campaigns.

You can’t tell what is working on the top of the funnel without knowing if you are actually generating new leads.


Here’s how you can scale your business with Wicked Reports

Increase your ad ROI based on honest conversion data

Connect your lead generation to high value customers

Understand the true value of your customers over time

Attribute revenue across the entire buyer journey

  • Get honest conversion data and more visibility into profitable campaigns.

  • See the true ROI of your ad spend with our patent-pending attribution models.

  • Determine which of your campaigns bring in sales and stop wasting ad spend.

  • Understand customer lifetime and reduce your overall cost per lead.

  • Pinpoint the customer journey that leads to high value subscription customers. 


Tracking Pixel Conversion FAQ


Wicked Reports is for you…

  • If you are tired of over and under-counting of inaccurate tracking pixels
  • If your leads take time to convert to customers and Tracking Pixel Attribution reporting undervalues your top of the funnel ads
  • If you have subscription recurring revenue that is not accurately attributed and reported
  • If you’re tired of switching back and forth between multiple systems trying to make sense of your data.
  • If you want more clarity into your marketing campaigns, so you can identify what works and what doesn’t.
Most importantly, Wicked Reports is for you if you want a robust attribution platform based on reliable conversion data that gives you the right insights you need to make better marketing decisions for your business.

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