Wicked Reports vs. HubSpot Attribution

Wicked Reports loves HubSpot and uses it to run our sales, marketing (including this website), and customer success teams.

However, Wicked Reports attribution has significant advantages over HubSpot attribution that serious multi-channel marketers understand and value.



Wicked Reports has 1-click sales & revenue integrations with all the popular shopping carts and subscription payment platforms.





HubSpot uses HubSpot deal revenue for conversion value.



Wicked Reports can reconcile your attribution sales and revenue against your actual sales and revenue.





HubSpot Attribution Influenced Revenue can dramatically overstate the impact of a marketing touchpoint by counting the same order 10-20 times.



Wicked Reports automatically detects your subscription recurring revenue and attributes back to the deserving cross-channel clicks.





HubSpot Attribution is blind to subscription recurring revenue conversion value.

Wicked Reports maps attribution models to playbooks for ROI increasing action.

Attribution is our core focus and we use our expertise to insure you are acting on your insights.



 HubSpot Attribution has no concept of turning attribution data into additional profits for you.

HubSpot has incredible software but it is not focused on attribution.


Here’s how you can scale your business with Wicked Reports

Increase your ad ROI using Wicked Playbooks

Connect your lead generation to high value customers

Understand the true value of your customers over time

Attribute subscription revenue to find your highest ROI

  • Get accurate conversion value data and more visibility into profitable campaigns.

  • See the true ROI of your ad spend with our patent-pending attribution models.

  • Determine which of your campaigns bring in sales and stop wasting ad spend.

  • Understand customer lifetime and reduce your overall cost per lead. 



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HubSpot Attribution Conversion FAQ


Wicked Reports is for you…

  • If you are tired of over and under-counting of inaccurate HubSpot Deal Revenue as the backbone of your attribution revenue.
  • If your leads take time to convert to customers and HubSpot Influenced Revenue shows dozens of touch points that massively inflate the revenue produced and the impact of each touchpoint.
  • If you have subscription recurring revenue that is not accurately attributed and reported
  • If you’re tired of switching back and forth between multiple systems trying to make sense of your data.
  • If you want more clarity into your marketing campaigns, so you can identify what works and what doesn’t.
Most importantly, Wicked Reports is for you if you want a robust conversion tracking and attribution system that gives you the right insights you need to make better marketing decisions for your business.