The Difference

The most easy, accurate, insightful marketing attribution — bar none.
Discover the unique advantages of using Wicked Reports to track & meaure your marketing.

Wicked Reports Makes Your Job and Your Life Easier

We understand both data and marketing. Here are seven ways we help you work faster and more efficiently:

See the Complete Customer Journey

You see the customer’s complete journey, including First Click, First Optin, Re Optin, and Last Click. Even when the journey is complex, Wicked Reports assesses how well your marketing programs are working.

Analyze Full-Impact ROI

We take all the guesswork out of answering, “Did my marketing work or not?” Figuring out what drove a purchase is tough. The ROI Report, with full-impact attribution, focuses on the four most critical points:

The first click Wicked Reports ever tracked


The first click that made the customer opt in for the first time

The last click the customer made before ordering


The last click that got the customer to re-optin to something

Wicked Reports analyzes the data automatically and gives you fast, accurate answers to your most important questions. See if a specific ad had any responsibility for a sale. Analyze the return on investment to measure what brought in revenue and what didn’t deliver. The ROI Report only counts the order once, so you don’t get lost sorting through multiple attributions.
– Get a full-attribution impact assessment without the headache, frustration, and complexity.
– Reclaim hours spent crunching numbers.
– Focus your online spending on the campaigns and media that generate the most revenue.

Get Smarter with WickedSmartz™

WickedSmartz™, our intelligent analytics interface, performs the complex technical tasks and quantitative analysis you’ve always had to do yourself. You’re a marketer, not a coder. Why should you master filtering, sorting, and analyzing data before you can grow the business?
Find out which programs create actual revenue and which just deliver clicks. Get answers from WickedSmartz that are fast, accurate, and easy to understand. Then move on to the marketing work you really enjoy.

Now you can:


Let go of laborious number crunching

Can the old click-around run-around


Forget filtering and analysis

Track People, Not Pixels

Pixels are a flawed, incomplete and inconsistent, mechanism for tracking performance. You will never get accurate data by tracking pixels. It’s that simple.
The only real way to get dependable, actionable information about the customer journey is by following the actions of the real people who buy your products. We do that by using our patented technology to map clicks to actual sales and leads over the entire customer journey. Remember, pixels don’t buy anything—people do.

Rely on WickedSharp High-Quality Data

Sophisticated, multi-step, multi-channel funnels build relationships with customers. Pulling together, analyzing and reporting this cross-channel data yourself is tough. Get out of spreadsheet hell with Wicked Reports.
We automatically pull data from the only reliable source – your CRM. We also bring in data from ad networks along with your website, landing pages, and emails, to give you broad coverage. Plus, we integrate with seven of the industry’s most important sources of information—and more in the works.
With high-quality data you get information you can rely on to make smart marketing decisions to pressing business questions like:
•    “What made people become customers?”
•    “Where did I first find them?”
•    “Where did I find them most recently?”
•    “Where did I convert them?”

Wicked Reports does the complicated analytics and gives you usable data you can trust.

Other Advantages

Wicked Reports offers even more advantages!

Set Up Quickly and Easily

Don’t write a line of code or become a data analyst. Don’t set up a separate link inside your system for every link you use. Don’t insert tracking links for every link you use. We do that for you. We even give you special tools that validate the tracking code on landing pages, optin forms and checkout pages.


Use Our Report Library

Select from a library of 16 reports with focused formats including ready-to-read reports that set up the analytics for you. Seven are exclusive to Wicked Reports.

Pay For What You Use

Get good data just like the big-time marketing companies but without an army of analysts and a multi-million dollar budget. Explore our five-tier Subscription Pricing Plan plus Kickstart Program. You won’t believe how affordable Wicked Reports is and how well it fits into your budget.

Wicked Reports is for you if:

  • If you own an online business and want a sales funnel that scales profitably with cold traffic.
  • If you own a small or medium-sized business and want to scale your marketing tracking system as profits grow.
  • If you’re worried about making mistakes or missing money-making opportunities because you can’t trust the information you get from Google Analytics or other tracking systems.
  • If you’re frustrated by dealing with multiple tracking and analytics systems that are complicated to set up.
  • If you’re spending hours each week clicking between spreadsheets and columns, building your own reports to get the answers you need.
  • If you want to be able to out-spend your competition with total confidence in your advertising ROI.
  • If you want an easy and accurate way to see exactly what’s working (and not working) in your marketing funnel so you can massively grow your business.

Most of all, Wicked Reports is for you if you need an affordable tracking system that doesn’t require skilled technical help and a staff of data analysts to understand.

Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.