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  • What is a Marketing Funnel?

    A marketing funnel is the process by which marketing prospects move toward a buying decision. It has many steps which include various marketing actions.

    By gathering data that will help you better understand the customer journey and where your buyers are converting, you can optimize your marketing funnels by putting more effort into successful channels. 

  • What is Cohort Analysis?

    Cohort analysis is a form of behavioral analytics in marketing. Instead of examining data from all of your customers as a whole, it breaks all sales down into related groups. 

  • What is an ROI report?

    ROI reporting uses attribution models mapped to specific campaign goals.  We only use reliable 1st party conversions detected from your CRM and Order systems.

    The ROI report uses the attribution model you select to attribute revenue to 1 or more specific conversions points in your marketing funnel.  It is a huge edge to measure your marketing campaign goal with the correct marketing attribution model.

    Choose an attribution model based on the goal of the marketing campaign.  That allows you to measure the right conversion to real revenue. Read more on attribution models here.

  • What is a Marketing Benchmark?

    Marketing Benchmarks help you compare your current results with a measure of success.

    This can include data gathered from your competitors or your average historical sales numbers. 

  • What is Lead ReEngagement?

    Lead reengagement is a form of marketing nurturing that moves your business' leads toward conversion. Cold leads are marketed to again in an attempt to make them into qualified leads once more.