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Todd Brown Marketing

Learn why Todd Brown Marketing credits Wicked Reports with 20 to 30 new buyers every day.



Scale winning ad campaigns with confidence using customer LTV tracking tools from Wicked Reports


Who is Todd Brown?

Todd Brown is a direct response expert who works with some of the biggest names in the industry – from Jay Abraham to Clayton Makepeace and more.

His agency, Todd Brown Marketing, builds customer acquisition campaigns and marketing funnels for clients around the world.

He also publishes marketing resources that customers have used to build profitable campaigns for their own businesses. 

Many even fly in to West Palm Beach, Florida to attend a masterclass to learn his renowned E5 Method — a marketing method for generating new customers.


Todd Brown Marketing wanted to generate new book buyers at a cost of $30 or less, but was unable to calculate the long-term ROI of their Facebook ad campaign to determine their customer profitability.

  • They wanted to scale their marketing campaigns with confidence.
  • They wanted to generate 50 to 100 buyers a day and acquire more leads.
  • They wanted to determine the long-term return on their ad spend by tracking true customer value.

Generated a positive return from day one with Facebook Ads and Wicked Reports

Generated 20 to 30 new daily buyers only one week into the campaign


Drove $41,562 in sales from $9,959 ad spend on Facebook


Todd Brown Marketing chose Wicked Reports to track the lifetime value of their ad clicks.

They were running a successful campaign for their book “The Big Marketing Idea,” and decided to double down on the strategy — launching another book to acquire more customers.

By combining Facebook Ads with Wicked Reports analytics, they were confident they could effectively track the initial purchase value and overall customer value down the line.

They started focusing primarily on desktop campaigns, as they'd recently discovered prospects on those devices converted better.

With these insights, Todd Brown Marketing was able to spend more aggressively on their Facebook ads because they knew they would lead to more sales.

Why Wicked?

Todd Brown Marketing relies exclusively on Wicked Reports to pull lead conversion and cost data from their Facebook campaigns as well as follow-up sales.

To make better decisions about their ad spend instead of second-guessing, they need to know the initial ROI and long-term value of their Facebook ads.

Because the platform connects to 1st party CRM and sales data, Wicked Reports is the only solution which can reliably provide accurate data.

Wicked Reports gives Todd Brown and his team a significant competitive advantage over companies that don’t have this information. 

Todd Brown Marketing has since doubled their marketing budget and credits the Wicked Reports platform with allowing them to confidently scale their campaigns.

"Wicked Reports is playing a vital role by allowing us to see our overall cart value and customer value. By properly understanding not just initial purchase value but the overall customer value, we are able to spend more aggressively on our FB ads to acquire new customers!"

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todd brown marketing results

Todd Brown Marketing started generating 20 to 30 new buyers daily. That equates to roughly $8,000 to $10,000 sales per year.

  • Understanding customer lifetime value allowed Todd Brown Marketing to spend more aggressively on Facebook ads knowing they would deliver a great ROI over time.
  • They generated a positive return on their investment from day one while acquiring new customers that they could market to for many years to come.
  • They started bringing in new customers just one week into their new campaign, even before they began to scale.
  • They were able to confidently determine that Facebook was the best ad platform for their business (even over email promotions).
  • The insights they’ve gathered have allowed them to optimize their marketing assets and confidently roll out their offer to cold audiences.


"Wicked Reports has allowed us to see just how profitable these initial ads are on FB. Since receiving this initial data we have more than doubled our budgets, because we have the confidence from Wicked Reports that our ad spends are going to give a great return on investment."

Are you ready to scale your ad campaigns with comprehensive tracking tools and conversion data you can trust?

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