Marketing Associate


Wicked Reports is looking for a Marketing Associate to join our team.  The ideal candidate is a pragmatic scientist-type that enjoys the puzzle of turning new leads into happy customers using data, marketing assets & automation, and our skilled contract partners available to this role.  This person enjoys collaboration, is open to feedback, and believes in results using data as evidence.

Marketing Associate Ideal Week - 

  • Execute marketing tasks under the direction of Wicked Reports leadership
  • Collaborate, help shape, and synthesize our ideas and features into powerpoints, quick videos, and content that converts
  • Website content strategy, drive & manage creation of website content, analyze results and iterate
  • Assist the team with general administrative tasks
  • Suggest marketing strategies/hypothesis, execute them, review results, iterate
  • Ability to review marketing efforts and determine effectiveness using Wicked Reports, HubSpot, and Ad Platform analytics.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns with supervision
  • Meet and collaborate with Wicked leadership team on project status, results, and strategy


Helpful Skills

  • Copywriting
  • Email automation
  • Experience with Facebook or Google ads
  • YouTube Advertising experience desired but not required.
  • Willingness to learn new marketing skills and software is more important than already having those skills
  • A positive attitude and adaptability

Why Wicked is hiring for this role-

We need someone to support our marketing strategy and implementation that converts leads into customers.

Some of the Projects our Marketing Team is Working On:

  • Define overall strategy to convert leads to customers
  • Dig into the various behaviors of converted leads vs. unconverted leads to create hypothesis for higher future conversion rate
  • Thoroughly understand and utilize our positioning document, resources, and existing content
  • Determine assets needed from CEO, content team, and PPC agency and manage the creation of this content.  This could be emails, webinars, videos, PDFs, blog posts, upgraded demos, whatever is needed. 
  • Use Wicked Reports for Wicked Reports
  • Tight alignment with sales
  • Turn all of the above into HubSpot automations, workflows, personas, goals, emails, lead scoring, lifecycle stage rule optimization
  • Create marketing hypothesis, test, iterate, repeat - consistently.
  • Market our new podcast successfully

Evidence of Job Success:

Higher MRR

More Sales

Higher leads to sales

Higher leads to booked calls

Higher booked calls to sales

Salary, 401k, paid vacation, and equity grants after trial period. Flexible work environment. Preferably based in Boston or surrounding areas but job is telecommute so any location is acceptable for an exceptional candidate.

Apply here:  https://www.haystackpro.com/job/5f9ae729110a3/5f9ae7cee15d6


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