Amazon Attribution from Facebook, Google, Email and SMS marketing made easy



⦿ Compare Shopify vs Amazon store performance

⦿ Accurate ad spend ROI to the ad level

⦿ Ad-level optimization data from your off-Amazon marketing that drives sales on your Amazon store


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Shopify vs amazon performance

Get the tale of the tape on Google, Facebook, Email, and SMS performance
when driving sales to your Shopify store vs your Amazon store




Easy, accurate Amazon revenue attribution from Paid & Owned Media Marketing

Wicked Reports makes it easy and fast to set up and profit from Amazon attribution:

⦿ Our solution provides ad spend ROI at the ad/audience/keyword level for advanced optimizations on your paid media

⦿ The store comparison reporting shows the revenue and profit driven by your Amazon store vs your Shopify store

⦿ Wicked fast integration allows one-click application of the Amazon tracking template needed to see ROI at ad level


Clarity on where to scale, or cut, ad spend on Google & Facebook traffic driving to your Amazon store

ROI optimizations at the ad level

  • Optimize and scale your ad spend on the top performing Facebook adset, Google audiences and keywords, and Facebook ads

  • Cut ad spend on vanity clicks that don't convert

  • Measure impact of SMS and email on Amazon store sales

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reconcile revenue to Klaviyo email profiles and shopify revenue



"Nothing is more important than knowing which marketing vehicles are working and which aren't."

Chuckie Gregory

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"I now have a compass that has enabled me to discover spend amounts for max ROI and profit."

Mark Murrell




"Having an attribution model [from Wicked Reports] that is directly tied to Shopify is crucial."

Robert Walker



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Easy, 1-minute Amazon Attribution integration


Connect Ad Spend ROI to post 14 day click conversions


One-click tracking parameter insertion on your ads


Real Google & Facebook ad spend for accurate ROI & ROAS

ROI at Ad Level

Clarity on where to scale or cut ad spend on Google & Facebook traffic to your Amazon store

⦿ Optimize campaigns where the keywords and adsets are driving the profit

⦿ Cut ad spend on clicks that don't convert

⦿ See actual ROI from real ad spend, clicks, and sales

accurately measure amazon revenue from google ads

Pre-built integration takes 1 minute

Coding up an API for revenue attribution is brutal

No more puzzling conversion data - you can verify every conversion because it’s based on actual Amazon revenue.

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⦿  Entire Team Rigorously Trained & Tested On Advanced Attribution

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