Subscription attribution done right

Subscription recurring revenue contains your most valuable customers.

It is critical for marketing attribution to correctly identify and signal these customer’s value so that you can find more of them. The hardest thing we have seen for subscription company marketers is to find cold traffic leads that become high value subscription customers over time. 

The challenges include:

  • Attribution models that count all touchpoints (linear) or use last-click don’t correctly value the top of the funnel.
  • Subscription sales do not hit a conversion tracking pixel.
  • Subscription sales often have low/no cost trial periods before the full value kicks in.
  • Subscription sales can run into failed billing issues.
  • Marketing has to capture new leads that get converted over time to subscription customers so there are multiple important conversion points of importance.

Wicked Reports handles all of these issues.

To help you correctly value top of the funnel marketing to acquire subscription customers, we invented an attribution model called “First Opt-in”. First opt-in automatically detects the marketing that led to a new lead conversion in your 1st party data.

Wicked Reports then detects all future orders and subscription sales, and attributes them back to the new lead conversion.  This gives you crystal clear accurate and actionable data on the marketing that found the subscription customers. You can then buy more of them when the ROI is profitable over time.

We are wired into popular subscription billing systems such as Stripe, Recharge, and Zuora so we can automatically detect and attribute subscription customers as they rebill. In the event the payment fails, our net revenue based reporting will capture and report the failed payment amount of $0, rather than the anticipated payment amount. A pixel would miss the subscription payment completely because the payment confirmation is not hitting a web page.

If you are testing out a free, $1, or discounted trial purchase, it would be tough to properly set a conversion value when you made a sale.  The general approach is to use an anticipated lifetime value of a subscription customer after accounting for churn. This approach will fail you because different traffic sources & targeting will have much higher or lower churn rates and lifetime values.  <br> This is yet another reason why we use verified actual subscription revenue from the source.