Google Ads Attribution

See how your Google Ads are really performing. LTV and ROI of your search, display, and video campaigns.


The Problem with Google Conversion Tracking

Google's optimistic attribution

Google is a fantastic small business growth tool if you understand how it fits into your marketing campaign toolkit. The issue with Google Ads is the overly optimistic attribution.

Wicked gives the complete picture

To optimize small business marketing, you need the complete view of your marketing performance.  This gives you true ROI attribution and better data.  Better data leads to better decisions.

Wicked uses real sales data instead of sloppy conversion pixel counts

Go beyond conversion counts. With Wicked Reports, you’ll be able to see how your Adwords ads fit into the customer journey. You’ll see at what point in the customer lifecycle each Adwords ad is most effective.

Better Google attribution to scale your business growth

See the long-term impact of an ad. Adwords can’t track repeat purchases or subscription payments so you don’t know the ultimate value of customers an ad creates. This makes it impossible to optimize your ads for ROI.

Optimize Google campaigns based on lifetime value and ROI

Turn off ad spend on keywords that don’t lead to customers.  Increase ad spend when the clicks turn into leads and sales at high value over time.


ROI and LTV per keyword and display ad placement

Optimize based on customer journey touchpoints

Scale ad spend confidently based on real order data

I’ve paid for the software. I wasn’t given it or anything like that. I’m a paying customer and I thought the tool was useful for my business, and that’s why I was happy to talk about it. And I know that my listeners do place a lot of trust in my opinion, because I’m definitely not foolish with my purchases and I do some research beforehand and I think this has been a successful decision for our business.

James Schramko

Founder, Super Fast Business

Stop wasting money. Grow your business.

See for yourself how Wicked Reports has helped our clients to generate over $3 billion in attributable revenue.