Facebook Ads Attribution

Facebook conversion tracking only considers Facebook clicks and only looks at the last click.


The Problem with Facebook Last Click Conversions

Facebook last click conversions

Small businesses usually generate leads and then use email, Facebook, and Google to convert sales.  Relying on the Facebook last click ignores those other efforts.  When you attempt to scale your ad spend based on these last click conversions, your business growth does not match your increased ad spend.

Wicked gives the complete picture

To optimize small business marketing, you need the complete view of your marketing performance.  This gives you true ROI attribution and better data.  Better data leads to better decisions.

New leads take time to buy

One of the hardest things for a small business marketer to do is generate new leads from cold traffic. Even more difficult is to get those leads to actually buy.  Leads generally take time to buy, and that adds to the complexity of managing your ad budget.

Lifetime value of Facebook new leads

Facebook reporting only looks at a thin slice of time. This means you aren’t seeing the long-term impact of an ad. And, Facebook can’t see the value of a customer over time, so it’s only reporting the conversion it can see. This can cause you to undervalue ads that have a long-term impact and overvalue ads that only produce results in the short-term.

Warm versus cold audience insight

Your existing leads behave differently than your new leads. Your old customers behave differently than your new customers. With Wicked Reports, you’ll be able to see the impact an ad has on each distinct audience so you know who to display it to and when.


Display your ad at the right spot in the customer journey

Know what result your ad is most effective at producing long term revenue

Base decisions on better data

My team invests millions of dollars in marketing, and one of the main reasons we have the confidence to invest that kind of money is because we trust our data.  Thanks to Wicked Reports, we can track revenue to specifics ads, audiences, campaigns, and emails.  If you're tired of not knowing what's working with your marketing, try Wicked Reports.  You'll be glad you did!

Ryan Deiss

CEO, Digital Marketer

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