Privacy and Tracking

Death of the 3rd Party Cookie

Driven by both consumer awareness and regulatory change, the free movement of personal data through the adtech ecosystem has come under review and criticism over the last few years. But it’s important to understand why cookies were created in the first place and remember that some cookies are designed to simply make people’s web experience easier.

Chrome Same-Site Cookie

Third party cookies are often used to track weaker conversion signals such as views.  So the death of the 3rd party cookie will strengthen attribution for the companies that can integrate and rely on 1st party data.

  • Cookies for 3rd party data providers cannot track users unless the domain webmaster enables them.
  • This will prevent sneaky 3rd party data brokers from tracking you and selling your info.
  • Privacy-safe tracking tools that are knowingly used by the domain are still valid.

Wicked Reports has made the necessary modifications to it’s cookie to comply and our cookie is regarded as a same-site cookie.

Since our cookie and tracking scripts are deployed by the domain knowingly, and for the domain owner’s use, and not shared/sold to 3rd parties, Wicked Reports is positioned as a leader in same-site cookies for the purposes of marketing attribution.

Safari Cookie Blocking

Safari browser has been making updates to restrict how cookies can be set and for how long. This started last year with limiting the use of 3rd party cookies known as ITP (intelligent tracking prevention). This year safari released a new version of ITP which further limits first party cookies set on the browser to have a max expiry of 7days.


This means that if a user is inactive for a 7day period, their cookies will be discarded. 

Impact is limited to new versions of Safari on macOS v12.1 and mobile iOS 12.2 but it will increasingly become more noticeable as users update to newer versions.

Your marketing tools (like Google Analytics) will likely report more Users (because a user that has not visited for more than 7 days will be recorded as a new user, instead of a second session by the same user). This will also result in less accurate attribution of marketing channels for products and services with longer customer journeys and re-marketing audience.


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