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Printed Kicks Case Study: Achieving a 332% Increase in Google Ads ROI

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Discover how Printed Kicks optimized their marketing attribution with Wicked Reports


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Key Results

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Increased in ROI from Google Ads


Decreased in CPL


Increased in customer LTV
A Patriotic T-Shirt Ecommerce Company

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Printed Kicks↗ is a family-owned ecommerce company selling apparel and decor online with fun, unique designs for service workers.

They started tracking their marketing attribution↗ using Wicked Reports in June to get the highest ROI possible during the critical 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday buying season and beyond.

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Facebook and Google Attribution
Did Not Match Actual Revenue

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Accurate Marketing Attribution
Was a Gamechanger

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Accurate data from a 3rd party, unbiased marketing attribution software made it easy
for Printed Kicks to discover where their actual sales were coming from.

Unveiling Revenue Streams


Before Wicked Reports, Printed Kicks was unable to identify which of the channels were actually making the sale, since both platforms were taking credit for the same sales.

Accurate attribution↗ that matched real revenue was critical for identifying Google as their highest ROI channel by far. Google was providing the company with leads that were 25% cheaper and 20% higher LTV than Facebook.

Unveiling Revenue Streams

Driving Success


By being able to focus on high ROI campaigns, Printed Kicks was able to optimize their BF/CM campaigns. This helped to not only bring in critical holiday shopping revenue, but also to help them find customers that will continue to buy over time.

The return on their investment in Wicked Reports will continue well into the future. This year’s BF/CM data will help optimize next year’s strategy, allowing for incremental year-over-year improvements in ROI.

All Printed Kicks needed was accurate, unbiased marketing attribution to allow evaluation of marketing performance across channels and campaigns.

Driving Success
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