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Printed Kicks

How Printed Kicks achieved a 332% increase in Google Ads ROI.

printedkicks2 A Patriotic T-Shirt Ecommerce Company

Printed Kicks is a family-owned ecommerce company selling apparel and decor online with fun, unique designs for service workers.

They started tracking their marketing attribution using Wicked Reports in June to get the highest ROI possible during the critical 2021 Black Friday/Cyber Monday buying season and beyond.


Facebook and Google Attribution Did Not Match Actual Revenue

Printed Kicks was using ad agencies to run their Facebook and Google ads. The agencies were reporting back to the marketing team that the Ad Manager numbers weren’t matching the back-end reporting numbers from Klaviyo and Shopify.

Because the numbers didn’t match, there was no way to know how accurate the attribution in Ad Manager was.

They knew conversion attribution was wrong, but how wrong was it?

And which channel or campaign actually deserved the credit for each sale?

“We couldn't trust ad agency & social platform reporting because our cash reserves weren't telling the same story.” Ben Cook


It was impossible to know which campaigns were wasting ad spend, and which campaigns should be getting more budget.

Printed Kicks knew they were losing money. They needed accurate reporting of their overall marketing efforts, in one location in order to optimize their ROI.

They asked some trusted partners, and got a recommendation to try Wicked Reports.

Using Wicked Reports, they no longer had to guess about campaign performance. This allowed optimization of ads before Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.

As a result, the company saw dramatic improvements in their ROI, CPL, CAC, and LTV for new customers acquired over the holiday shopping weekend.


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332% increase in ROI from Google Ads


$22 decease in CPL


12% increase in customer LTV

Accurate Marketing Attribution was a Gamechanger

Accurate data from a 3rd party, unbiased marketing attribution software made it easy for Printed Kicks to discover where their actual sales were coming from.

Before Wicked Reports, Printed Kicks was unable to identify which of the channels were actually making the sale, since both platforms were taking credit for the same sales.

Accurate attribution that matched real revenue was critical for identifying Google as their highest ROI channel by far. Google was providing the company with leads that were 25% cheaper and 20% higher LTV than Facebook.

“Wicked Reports helped us to see an overall full-scale picture of all our marketing efforts. Any ecommerce business that uses FB or Google Ads should be using Wicked Reports.”

By being able to focus on high ROI campaigns, Printed Kicks was able to optimize their BF/CM campaigns. This helped to not only bring in critical holiday shopping revenue, but also to help them find customers that will continue to buy over time.

The return on their investment in Wicked Reports will continue well into the future. This year’s BF/CM data will help optimize next year’s strategy, allowing for incremental year-over-year improvements in ROI.

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All Printed Kicks needed was accurate, unbiased marketing attribution to allow evaluation of marketing performance across channels and campaigns.

“We now have an accurate picture from which we can adjust our advertising.”

~Ben Cook, Printed Kicks

Are you ready to make marketing decisions with accurate attribution?


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