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Mastering Diabetes Case Study:
Increasing Revenue by 45% with Wicked Reports

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Learn how Mastering Diabetes increased their subscription digital ecommerce product revenue by 45% in less than a year with Wicked Reports.


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Key Results

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Greater confidence in marketing decisions.


Increased average customer LTV from $154 to $179 in under a year.


Drove a 45% increase in overall revenue.

Who is Mastering Diabetes?

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Mastering Diabetes↗ is a digital subscription ecommerce company that offers personalized coaching to put clients in immediate control of their diabetes health, helps them gain energy, improves quality of life, and reduces or eliminates the need for medications.

Mastering Diabetes reaches their customers using organic reach, Facebook and Google paid advertising, and their large email list.

Who is Mastering Diabetes?


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The founder of Mastering Diabetes, Cyrus Khambatta, is NOT a professional marketer. He has a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California Berkley. He build his business because of his own experience with Type 1 Diabetes.

Mastering Diabetes is all about a passion for helping other people manage their diabetes without medication.

Cyrus came to Wicked Reports because he wanted a reliable multi-channel attribution tool to give them insight into WTF was ACTUALLY happening in the business.

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Strategic Precision

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Wicked Results

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Discover the unparalleled power of Wicked, your ultimate decision-making ally in business. From pinpointing the most effective advertising campaigns to revealing the pathways to sales and recurring purchases, Wicked provides invaluable insights.

It identifies profitable channels, streamlines user journeys, and enables real-time, data-driven decisions for scaling your business.

Can you name another tool that offers such comprehensive, high-quality information?


Wicked Results

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