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Mastering Diabetes

Learn how Mastering Diabetes increased their subscription digital ecommerce product revenue by 45% in less than a year with Wicked Reports.



In Wicked I trust. In Wicked we believe. In Wicked we scale.

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Who is Mastering Diabetes?

Mastering Diabetes is a digital subscription ecommerce company that offers personalized coaching to put clients in immediate control of their diabetes health, helps them gain energy, improves quality of life, and reduces or eliminates the need for medications.


Mastering Diabetes reaches their customers using organic reach, Facebook and Google paid advertising, and their large email list.



The founder of Mastering Diabetes, Cyrus Khambatta, is NOT a professional marketer. He has a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from the University of California Berkley. He build his business because of his own experience with Type 1 Diabetes.

Mastering Diabetes is all about a passion for helping other people manage their diabetes without medication.

Cyrus came to Wicked Reports because he wanted a reliable multi-channel attribution tool to give them insight into WTF was ACTUALLY happening in the business.

Here's their feedback after a year with Wicked Reports:
"Your team is responsive and WR gives us the data we need (at the time we need it) to make mission-critical decisions about which advertising campaigns to scale, what to kill, and what to be patient with."

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100% greater confidence in marketing decisions.


Increased average customer LTV from $154 to $179 in under a year.


Drove a 45% increase in overall revenue.


Mastering Diabetes wanted to spend their ad budget on people they could actually help - but they didn't know where they were finding those people.

Using Wicked Reports, the ecommerce company was able to identify where actual customers were coming from - people that needed their services - and focus those efforts on those key streams of paying customers.

"We have zeroed in on a few funnels that are ROI-neutral and good for lead generation, ROI-negative and proving hard to scale, and ROI--positive and worth investing more to scale to infinity and beyond. Our bottom line is increasing dramatically, and we can now make data-driven decisions WITH CONFIDENCE. That's priceless."

Why Wicked?

I think of Wicked Reports as being the ultimate source of financial data for our company.

"If I were in ancient Greece, I would go to the Oracle for answers, but now that I'm in modern times, I go to Wicked Reports for answers."

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"Wicked is proving to be the single most important decision making tool in our business that tells us which advertising campaigns to run, which campaigns to shut down, what specific user journey led to a sale, which specific user journey led to a recurring sale, the amount of time required to make a sale, the most profitable (and least profitable) channels for high quality leads, and more.

Name ONE other tool that can give you this quality of information to empower you to make data-driven decisions in real-time to scale your business. I dare you."

In Wicked I trust. In Wicked we believe. In Wicked we scale.

Are you ready to scale your revenue with confidence?

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