Increase your ecommerce marketing ROI by optimizing your advertising campaigns with confidence.
Wicked Reports shows you the ROI of your ads over time with accurate attribution and conversion data.

Convert More Visitors Into Customers

Wicked Reports tracks your prospective customer's clicks throughout the ecommerce buyer journey to deliver accurate attribution and conversion data you can act on.

Here’s how you can optimize your ecommerce business’ advertising and marketing ROI with Wicked Reports.

Find growth opportunities within your ecommerce ads

Wicked Reports detects important 1st party conversion data points automatically to show how your ads perform over time, not just in the short-term. Get accurate insights on your ecommerce ads across different channels to scale winning campaigns and minimize the risk of investment.

Ecommerce ads that generate clicks and leads may look unprofitable if customers don’t buy right away. Wicked Reports can attribute any future customer lifetime value back to the original marketing click if it deserves revenue credit.

This unlocks massive growth potential because you can see the long-term value of an ad and outbid your competitors on campaigns that drive tons of revenue.


Understand your customer lifetime value

Wicked Reports attributes additional revenue to the campaign that created the lead and dynamically updates ROI metrics.

When leads take time to buy, Wicked Reports automatically updates the customer lifetime value and ROI of the marketing for you. Seeing the long-term value of an ad allows you to make better marketing decisions about your ad spend.


Scale your ecommerce business with accurate data

Without reliable data, you can’t calculate the true ROI of your ads and track your most valuable customers.
You’ll invest in campaigns that are losing money and miss opportunities for growth.
Invest wisely on high ROI campaigns with data delivered by Wicked Reports.
How Wicked Reports can help you scale your ecommerce business:

Know the true ROI of each ad with people-based tracking

Scale winning campaigns based on reliable data you can trust

See the complete buyer journey and identify valuable customers

Find out which campaigns drive actual revenue, not just clicks

attribution overview

  • Attribute ad clicks to actual leads and sales across the entire customer journey.

  • Optimize profitable campaigns with 1st party CRM and sales data you can rely on.

  • Never miss another sales opportunity with our innovative attribution models.

  • Accurately identify the ecommerce ads that bring in your most valuable customers.



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Ecommerce Advertising FAQ

  • What is revenue attribution?

    Revenue attribution is the process of connecting customer sales to the advertising campaigns that led to the conversion.

    It can help your business understand where revenue is coming and which touch points are contributing to your bottom line.

    With this insight, you can increase your ROI by optimizing campaigns that are generating sales for your ecommerce business.

  • What is return on ad spend (ROAS)?

    Return on ad spend or ROAS is a metric that measures how much revenue your business earns for each dollar you spend on advertising.

    It can help your business measure the efficacy of your campaigns and make informed decisions about your ad spend.

    For example, you can increase ad spend on campaigns that have a higher ROAS.

  • What is a conversion tracking pixel?

    A conversion tracking pixel is a tiny snippet of code that tracks conversions on your site, such as product sales, form opt-ins, etc.

    It can help your business determine where your sales are coming from and identify which ads are the most profitable.

    However, conversion tracking pixels miss recurring revenue. They don’t track the lifetime value of your ads.

  • What is customer lifetime value (LTV)?

    Customer lifetime value (LTV) is the estimated amount of money that a customer will spend in total on a business.

    It can help your business identify valuable customers as well as determine how much money to invest in those relationships.

    Understanding LTV can also help your business determine the long-term value of your ads.

Wicked Reports is for your ecommerce business if…

  • You want to stop wasting your ad budget because you can’t tie ad spend to leads and conversions.
  • You’re looking for a more accurate way to track clicks across the entire customer journey.
  • You’re struggling to calculate the long-term ROI of your ads and want to focus your efforts on bringing in high-value customers.
  • You’re tired of dealing with complicated tracking systems and want a way to identify profitable campaigns.
  • You’re worried you may be overvaluing or undervaluing certain ads because you’re not getting the complete picture.

attribution that makes sense

Most importantly, Wicked Reports is for you if you want data about your campaigns that you can easily make sense of without needing a team of data analysts.