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Club EarlyBird

Learn how Club EarlyBird increased their ecommerce product revenue by 240% in 6 months with Wicked Reports.



Utilize Wicked Reports’ multi-channel attribution to test new campaigns and ads with confidence


Who is Club EarlyBird?

Club EarlyBird is a subscription ecommerce company that sells "morning cocktails," a product to help people start their morning happy & energized. Club EarlyBird mainly advertises on Facebook, Google and Snapchat. Their CRM is Klaviyo.



Club EarlyBird was spending about $40,000 a month on advertising using Facebook Google, and Snapchat.

They weren't sure which channel and campaigns were bringing them the most revenue. The first month with Wicked Reports all three channels were averaging about 138% ROI.

They were looking for a solution that would:

  1. Allow them to bring all their attribution for sales from various sources to one place.
  2. Get accurate attribution data.
  3. To see the ROI of individual ads so they could determine which campaigns to kill or scale.

By their fifth month with Wicked Reports, Club EarlyBird was able to increase average ROI on all three channels to 208%.


Increased average customer LTV from $68 to $74 in less than six months.


Grew their monthly sale volume by 216%


Drove a 240% increase in overall revenue.


Learn club early bird's strategies with the marketing attribution playbook

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Club EarlyBird wanted to be able to integrate all their advertising channels and their CRM into one place to make it easy to review and act on data.

Data is king.
Those that have the best/most accurate data will be able to make better decisions on where to spend future advertising budgets.
Also, having accurate lifetime value so you know where your cost per acquisition needs to be. A generic lifetime value is helpful.
But customers that come from Facebook have a different lifetime value than those that come from Google or Snapchat and so on.


Club EarlyBird needed to see attribution points outside of each advertising channel to  identify and scale their winning campaigns.


That’s where Wicked Reports came in.


Why Wicked?

With Wicked Reports, Club EarlyBird can track subscription sales using integrations directly the different platforms they use (like Recharge).

Wicked Reports connects ad spend, clicks, CRM conversions, and sales conversions using their patent-pending multi-touch attribution platform to provide these insights.

This makes it easy to determine whether to scale, kill, or chill a campaign.

"There was one thing I was shown that made us go with Wicked (we had demos with Hyros and Segmetrics as well). And that was the direct integrations with the different platforms we use. The big one was Recharge as Hyros does not have that integration and wouldn't be able to track any subscription sales. But overall, the direct integrations save a lot of time and make it much more simple to get started."

Chuckie Gregory, Founder of Club EarlyBird


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Here’s how Club EarlyBird turned their campaigns into a massive success:

  • Implementing Wicked Reports increased their customer LTV from $68 to $74, just by being able to focus on campaigns that bring in more high value subscription customers and fewer one-time buyers.
  • Took their revenue from $188,000 in the first month to $416,000 in just six months.
Attributing lifetime revenue to marketing clicks across the customer journey allowed them to scale winning campaigns.

"It's becoming kind of our mission control for our business. It's the first thing I check each morning to determine how the previous day went.
What worked... what didn't.

It's especially important for testing new channels and new ads."

- Chuckie Gregory


Are you ready to have your own mission control so you can test new ads with confidence? Take a free product tour on a live zoom!

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