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Club EarlyBird Case Study:
Achieving 240% Revenue Growth with Wicked Reports

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Discover how Club EarlyBird leveraged Wicked Reports to skyrocket their ecommerce revenue


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Club EarlyBird Case Study

Key Results

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Increased average customer LTV from $68 to $74 in less than six months.


Grew their monthly sale volume


Increase in overall revenue

Who is Club EarlyBird?

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Club EarlyBird↗ is a subscription ecommerce company that sells "morning cocktails," a product to help people start their morning happy & energized. Club EarlyBird mainly advertises on Facebook, Google and Snapchat. Their CRM is Klaviyo.

Who is Club EarlyBird?


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Club EarlyBird was spending about $40,000 a month on advertising using Facebook Google, and Snapchat.

They weren't sure which channel and campaigns were bringing them the most revenue. The first month with Wicked Reports all three channels were averaging about 138% ROI.

They were looking for a solution that would:


Frame 427319184  Allow them to bring all their attribution for sales from various sources to one place.

Frame 427319184-1  Get accurate attribution data.

Frame 427319184-2  To see the ROI of individual ads so they could determine which campaigns to kill or scale.

EarlyBird Goal

By their fifth month with Wicked Reports, Club EarlyBird was able to increase average ROI on all three channels to 208%.

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Why Wicked?

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With Wicked Reports, Club EarlyBird can track subscription sales using integrations directly the different platforms they use (like Recharge).

Wicked Reports connects ad spend, clicks, CRM conversions, and sales conversions using their patent-pending multi-touch attribution platform to provide these insights.

This makes it easy to determine whether to scale, kill, or chill a campaign.

Early Why Wicked?

Club EarlyBird’s RESULTS

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Maximizing Campaign Success


Here’s how Club EarlyBird turned their campaigns into a massive success:

• Implementing Wicked Reports increased their customer LTV from $68 to $74, just by being able to focus on campaigns that bring in more high value subscription customers and fewer one-time buyers.

• Took their revenue from $188,000 in the first month to $416,000 in just six months.

Attributing lifetime revenue to marketing clicks across the customer journey allowed them to scale winning campaigns.


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Maximizing Campaign Success

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