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Learn how ClickFunnels increased their ad revenue by 10X in less than two years.



Utilize Wicked Reports’ LTV tracking tools to scale winning ad campaigns and increase your marketing ROI.


ClickFunnels Needed to Scale Paid Ads and Increased LTV

ClickFunnels is a SaaS website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. The majority of their revenue is through recurring subscription sales.

The company was looking to scale their paid advertising and also increase the revenue they were seeing from email and organic marketing.

Using Wicked Reports, ClickFunnels was able to choose winning ad campaigns and scale their ads to 10X the revenue in just two years.


ClickFunnels was investing in paid ads to increase their revenue, but struggling to scale those ads.

They chose Wicked Reports because they wanted to identify insufficient advertising spend and track revenue to ad spend accurately.

ClickFunnels did not full trust other tracking platforms - with good reason.

Facebook and Google both have incentive to take credit for every sale they can - even sales they shouldn't be credited for.

Wicked Reports provides detailed, accurate reporting for sales at every level of the funnel. Our patented attribution models show every step of the customer journey. First click attribution modeling shows which click first showed the customer interested and last click attribution modeling determines which piece of your marketing finally made them buy. Allowing you to scale or chill ad spend appropriately.


Increased Facebook Ad ROI by 236%


Increased Monthly Revenue From Paid Adverting by $1,208,243.

Increased Revenue From Email by 18X


ClickFunnels chose Wicked Reports to connect their ads to specific sales, so they could measure the long-term ROI of paid campaigns.

Being able to see attribution outside the typical 28-day attribution window allowed them to see more accurately which campaigns were converting customers who took longer to purchase.

ClickFunnels was able to use the Wicked Reports New Lead Cohort Report to see the improvements of their marketing efforts over time - they could see LTV increasing month-to-month as they optimized their ads not just for CPL but with a focus on bringing in high LTV customers.

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multi-touch marketing attribution

This is especially important for a subscription service company like ClickFunnels, where recurring revenue from loyal customers is critical to growing their business.

Wicked Reports is the only attribution software that automatically tracks recurring revenue and differentiates it from new sales. Our competitors either track it all together, rely on uncertain algorithms like a range of dates for a second sale, or require you to manually tag recurring sales.

From the New Lead Cohort Report is is easy to see how ClickFunnels has been increasing their LTV over time.

Increased LTV means not only that they are bringing in high quality leads, but also that they are delivering a superior product that matches their marketing messaging, so people stay with the company and remain subscribers for years.

multi touch marketing attribution

ClickFunnels didn't just focus on bringing in leads.

They converted those leads to paying customers, those customers into high LTV long-term subscribers, and those subscribers into affiliates who promoted their product.

We can't emphasis enough here at Wicked - our clients that truly excel and grow to 7+ figures a month are the clients who focus on delivery, customer service, and turning exemplary customers into superfans who bring them more high LTV customers.

ClickFunnels is phenomenally successful at this - delivering a superior SaaS product and continuing to grow without having to exponentially scale ad spend.

Using Wicked Reports, ClickFunnels can see the fruit of this labor and focus on spending ad budget only on targeted, proven campaigns rather than wasting money on a shotgun approach.

Why Wicked?

ClickFunnels business characteristics makes Wicked Reports the only attribution software that does everything they need to accurately track revenue.

People-Based Tracking™

Our competition depends on a lead staying on the same device and on FB/Google/UTM click attribution to track sales activity accurately. This is true for Facebook, Google, and other competing 3rd party software.
Inside competitor dashboards, clients frequently see more sales attributed than actual revenue, because unfortunately attribution tracking allows the same sale to be attributed to multiple traffic sources. 
In Wicked, this is not possible. Our technology works even if the lead changes devices. 
For example, if a lead clicks on a Google ad on desktop and then clicks on a Facebook ad on their mobile device and makes a purchase several days later, our competitors would credit both Google and Facebook the same sale to different leads.
Wicked would be able to credit first-click attribution to the Google ad and last-click attribution to the Facebook ad, both to the same exact lead.
That is why we call it People-Based Tracking™.

Subscription and Recurring Revenue Attribution

Wicked tracks recurring or subscription sales accurately regardless of when they happen, automatically without any action on your part.  
For example, if a lead clicks on a Google ad for a subscription product or service and purchases, our competitors would track that as a first sale.
Using competitor software, if that same person then orders another product it would either be counted as a new sale, or might be attributed if it's within a very limited logic (like a 30 day to 1 year date range), or you would have to manually identify it as a recurring sale.
In Wicked, that same sale would be tracked properly as recurring revenue regardless of when the second sale occurs. Even if it happens 2 years later, Wicked will properly attribute that second sale as recurring revenue to the correct lead and not a new customer.

Offline Conversion Tracking

Competitors require manual use of offline conversions to pass offline conversions back to FB or Google. This limits your ability to label conversions and track sales.
Wicked uses integrated APIs created WITH Facebook and Google to automatically pass offline conversions back natively through the API rather than by using a custom offline conversion.  
For example, to optimize for an offline conversion with a competing software, you would need to create a custom offline conversion and optimize the objective, which limits your ability to track sales using standard events like purchase. This would also be manually managed, so you would need to upload to Facebook or Google of those offline conversions periodically, resulting in slower optimization.
Wicked's partnerships with Facebook and Google have allowed them access to the actual API tables, so everything occurs automatically and you can optimize to any objective.

Automatically Generated UTMs for Google, Facebook, and Email

Competing software requires manual creation and installation of UTM tagging to track clicks. Wicked does this automatically.
For example, you would need to log in to their app and use the UTM parameter generator for all your email links individually.
For most CRMs, Wicked will do this automatically so you don't have to.


Wicked Reports is the only solution that connects lead generation to high value customers over time using 1st party CRM and sales data.

"Wicked Reports has given us increased insight into return on ad spend, which is otherwise a hard number to come to. It ties back revenue to very specific advertising efforts. This has increased our revenue overall and decreased our wasted ad spend."

- John Parkes, ClickFunnels


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With accurate conversion data from Wicked Report, ClickFunnels successfully scaled their ad campaign revenue by 40X.

  • Using accurate attribution data and not depending on Facebook and Google to report their own performance allowed them to tie revenue back to specific advertising efforts, increasing their revenue and decreasing ad spend, resulting in a 236% ROAS increase from Facebook advertising and a 220% ROAS increase from Google advertising.
  • Scaling winning campaigns and cutting losers allowed ClickFunnels to more than double their marketing ROI on paid ads.
  • Focusing on high LTV potential leads and not bringing in tire kickers helped them increase their revenue from email marketing by 18X.
  • Gaining insight into their marketing efforts led the way to increasing monthly revenue by over $1,000,000 per month.

Implementing Wicked Reports resulted in an extra $35 million in profit their first year and $47 million in additional profit in their second year as a Wicked Reports client.


"I would recommend Wicked Reports to any business that is actively advertising on Google, Facebook, or through emails and feels like they have inaccurate or insufficient insight into their advertising performance."


Want results like ClickFunnels, by scaling your business strategically using customer and sales data you can trust?

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