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ClickFunnels Case Study:
Scaling Revenue 10x with
Wicked Reports

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ClickFunnels increased their ad revenue by 10x in less than two years using Wicked Reports.


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Key Results

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Increased FB AD ROI


Increased MRR from Paid Advertising


Increased Email Revenue

ClickFunnels needed to Scale Paid Ads and Increased LTV

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ClickFunnels↗ is a SaaS website and sales funnel builder for entrepreneurs. The majority of their revenue is through recurring subscription sales.

The company needed to scale paid advertising and increase the revenue they were seeing from email and organic marketing.

They chose Wicked Reports because they wanted to identify insufficient advertising spend and track revenue to ad spend accurately.

ClickFunnels needed to Scale Paid Ads and Increased LTV

Tracking Trust

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ClickFunnels did not fully trust other tracking options - with good reason.

Unreliable Conversion Counts


Unreliable Conversion Counts

Adding up all the conversions reported by paid channels and owned media showed a massive overcount - so they could not trust their data from the ad platforms.

Challenges with Analytics Tools


Challenges with Analytics Tools

Subscription revenue is a huge part of their business and is rarely handled correctly by attribution software (or Google Analytics)

Beyond Clicks


Beyond Clicks

The customer journey to commit to their SaaS software could be longer and more complex than simply focusing on first click and last click attribution.

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Enhancing Conversion Insights


ClickFunnels used the flexibility of Wicked Reports' custom marketing attribution time windows to go beyond the typical 28-day attribution window. This allowed ClickFunnels greater accuracy into which campaigns were converting customers who took longer to purchase.

Enhancing Conversion Insights

Optimizing Attribution Models


Apply Wicked's TOF attribution models to ClickFunnels paid media lead generation campaigns, BOF attribution models to email campaigns, and Full Impact attribution models for general directional guidance.

Optimizing Attribution Models

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value


Focus on customer LTV with the Wicked Reports New Lead Cohort Report ↗ to see the improvements of their marketing efforts over time - they could see LTV increasing month-to-month as they optimized their ads not just for CPL but with a focus on bringing in high LTV customers.

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

This is especially important for a subscription service company like ClickFunnels, where recurring revenue from loyal
customers is critical to growing their business.

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Subscription & Recurring
Revenue Attribution

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Empowering ClickFunnels


ClickFunnels' need for accurate marketing attribution tied back to subscription order IDs makes Wicked Reports the ONLY attribution software that does everything they need to accurately track revenue.

Wicked automatically tracks and correctly attributes recurring or subscription sales without any manual user effort.

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Wicked Reports Delivers


Using alternative solutions, when a subscription order rebills, one of the following "bad things" might happen:

Frame 427319184  Counts as a new sale

Frame 427319184-1  Is completely missed since the recur did not hit a tracking pixel

Frame 427319184-2  Is completely missed unless you scan all your orders line by line and manually tag the recurring subscriptions

In Wicked, that same sale would be tracked properly as recurring revenue regardless of when the second sale occurs.

Wicked Reports Delivers

Even if it happens 2 years later, Wicked will properly attribute that second sale as recurring revenue to the correct market
that drove the first month of subscription revenue, and not a new customer.

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Streamlined Marketing Attribution

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Automatically Generated UTMs for Google, Facebook, and Email


Automatically Generated UTMs for Google, Facebook, and Email


Many marketing attribution software options require manual creation and installation of UTM tagging to track clicks.

Fortunately Wicked Reports can do this automatically for many ad platforms and CRMs.

This saves a ton of time and greatly increases data accuracy.

Live Zoom support, Wicked Playbook, and In-App. Guides


Live Zoom support, Wicked Playbook, and In-App. Guides


The ClickFunnels team is supported by industry leading customer service:

• Live ZOOM Support

• In-App on-demand guides that walk you through your decision making

• Wicked Reports playbook that defines the Scale/Kill/Chill framework for making strategic ad buying moves 

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With accurate conversion data from Wicked Reports, ClickFunnels successfully scaled their ad campaign revenue by 40X.

They no longer depend on Facebook and Google to report their own performance. Wicked Reports allowed them to scale ROAS by 236% on Facebook and 220% on Google.

Implementing Wicked Reports resulted in an extra $35 million in profit their first year and $47 million in additional profit in their second year.


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