Retain clients with proof of facebook roas 

Wicked Reports can show higher ROAS on Facebook ads than Facebook can report!

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Better Facebook ROAS from Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports is able to show higher ROAS on your Facebook ads than Facebook themselves can report.

We do this time and again thanks to our 1st party data marketing attribution technologies, honed over 10 years in the attribution space.

The longer you are with us, the more ROAS we can show over time as your Facebook clicks continue to convert over time, especially when those clicks convert on other channels.

Keep reading to see a real-life example of the tracking and ROAS difference in a single day.


Wicked Reports multi-touch-marketing attribution software

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On a single day, March 14, your unhappy client sees a $69 CAC reported from Facebook. Also, he sees campaigns running with no sales. As far as he knows, you're blowing his ad spend on nothing. 

The demand is clear: FIX IT and fix it NOW.




The FIX is FunnelVision


When you investigate the Facebook Ads manager, you see the same: only 12 sales at $69 CAC.

You agree, this is too high! Profits are at stake (and so is your relationship with your client).

That would be the end of the story if you didn't also have Wicked Reports - AND - FunnelVision.


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FunnelVision Explained


With FunnelVision, you can see the truth of the numbers: Facebook actually drove 69 sales at a $12 CAC for 18.21 ROAS.

But it isn't enough to just show your client the difference between Facebook Ads Manager and Wicked Reports.

Now, it's up to you to educate on how this can actually be possible.





FunnelVision Explained


Up to 80% of sales conversions attributed to Facebook occur from clicks NOT in the bottom of your marketing funnel.  FunnelVision from Wicked Reports SEES these clicks that Facebook cannot track.

Wicked Reports first party data marketing attribution uses clicks, CRM data, sales data, privacy-compliant attribution tech, and 25,000 hours of experience to do this.






Completely Customizable


You can customize your marketing funnel on the fly and the sales conversion revenue will reattribute immediately. 

Easily get visibility, insights, and most importantly, increased ROAS at at Top, Middle, and Bottom of the funnel.








In Wicked Reports, the ROAS can be seen per campaign - check out all the sub $40 CACs and great ROAS numbers in this eCom account.






Funnel Level ROI Reporting


You can include and exclude audiences within a campaign based on the marketing funnel step driving the ROAS.

This campaign, for example, is killing it at TOF and not doing so hot at BOF - exclude your customer list for greater ad spend efficiency!





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