See the exact ROI of every automated and broadcast campaign.

Finally know exactly how effective each email campaign is.

Measure what matters.

Go beyond soft engagement metrics like open rates and clickthroughs.

See how many orders each email campaign creates.

Wicked Reports ties clicks on ActiveCampaign emails to orders from your payment processing solution so you’ll be able to see which orders an email campaign created.

See how many customers each email campaign creates.

Wicked Reports will show you how many new customers each campaign created and how many repeat orders you got from existing customers. 

See how much revenue each email campaign creates.

Wicked Reports knows which orders and which customers a campaign created so it knows exactly how much revenue each campaign created for your business. 

The problem with email engagement metrics

Email marketing’s performance is typically measured with engagement metrics like:

  • how many people opened,
  • how many people clicked on links,
  • how many people unsubscribed.

While these can sometimes be helpful indicators of a campaign’s effectiveness, they aren’t what matters to most businesses. Businesses use email marketing to create orders, customers, and, ultimately, revenue. These are the metrics that matter but this isn’t insight email marketing and marketing automation providers report to you. 

It’s important to get this insight because you can’t assume that good engagement means a campaign is generating revenue. A campaign may create a lot of clickthroughs, but generate very few customers. Or, a campaign may create a lot of orders, but very little revenue because the order size was very small. And, there are campaigns that are great at getting repeat orders from existing customers but not great at creating new customers. 

Wicked Reports takes you beyond engagement by telling you exactly how many orders, customers, and revenue were created by those clicks so you have a complete picture of your email marketing’s performance in terms of actual ROI. 

One-click set up. 

The Wicked Reports integration sets a new standard for email marketing tracking.

Track automated emails and one-off broadcast campaigns.

You’ll be able to measure the performance of email campaigns sent by ActiveCampaign automations, as well as one-time broadcast email campaigns, so you’ll get a complete picture of your email marketing and marketing automation performance. 

No more UTM tracking links.

Wicked Reports tracks each click on your ActiveCampaign emails without UTM parameters. Save countless hours each month and never have holes in your data because you forgot to add tracking links before sending.

Complete historical data sync.

When you set up the ActiveCampaign integration, Wicked Reports will begin pulling the complete click history of your ActiveCampaign account — from the very first email you sent through today — and running it through its attribution algorithm. Within days, you’ll be able to see the ROI generated by every email campaign you’ve sent.

The ultimate email tracking tool. 

Wicked Reports takes your email marketing to the next level.

The insight you need to optimize your email marketing.

You’ll be able to see which automated campaigns are high performers, so you can move them up and send them sooner, and you’ll see which need optimization (or should be removed entirely). You’ll be able to see which one-off broadcasts are working best so can unlock the formula for door-busting sales and new product announcements. 

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