Accurate Marketing Attribution


for Advanced Media Buyers & Digital Agencies

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Attribution models customized to your business.

Automated Insights and Optimizations for profitable growth.

1 minute integrations that feed Google & Meta better conversion data.

10 years of experience and over $10 billion in attributed revenue.

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Choosing the Right
Marketing Attribution Solution

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When choosing a Marketing Attribution platform, you need to be able to prove accuracy,
have robust customization,and map to your marketing KPIs.

Map to your KPIs

Plug in your CAC and ROAS targets. Let Wicked’s automations monitor and report when it is time to take action.


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Stop Wasting Ad Spend

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Wicked Reports is multi-touch marketing attribution software that uses first party data
to provide you an accurate picture of all your paid marketing activities.

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Maximizing Business Impact

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The impact on your business after successful marketing attribution platform adoption.

Decision Clarity to hit CAC and ROAS goals


The Wicked Coach automates the data analysis and delivers the insights and action to email, slack, and inside of Wicked


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Decision Clarity to hit CAC and ROAS goals

Better Strategy


Complex user journey data is attributed and simplified using data as evidence to shift budgets when KPIs are met or missed.

Better Strategy

Competitive Advantage


Better data will buy you better customers.  Your competitors relying on Facebook ad manager data will miss out on huge opportunities at TOF that Wicked’s attribution data spots and reports with ease.

Competitive Advantage
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Wicked Reports impact on a
media buyer’s week

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Decision Support


Prove accuracy

Wicked Reports ensures accuracy with transparent ROAS and CAC reporting tied to order IDs from our revenue integrations.


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Time Savings


Time Savings

10 hours a week saved slicing and dicing online spreadsheets


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Advanced Customer Success Support


Advanced Customer Success Support

Tracking specialists, budget optimization wizards, and dedicated account management delivered via zoom, email, and slack

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