The Attribution Time Machine



The Wicked Reports Attribution Time Machine allows you infinite lookback and look forward windows.  Custom attribution attributes on the fly to meet any business need, and give you the most accurate and actionable insights possible.


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The Attribution Time Machine

Differentiators - Attribution Time Machine



30 % revenue miss-attributed to brand keywords and assets - which isn’t actionable, and marketers hate

Differentiators - Attribution Time Machine

The Attribution Time Machine generates accuracy and trust through transparency. 

Granular Tracking

Granular Tracking-Underline


Wicked Reports transparently shows the proof behind the numbers in the form of granular tracking. You can see the inbound marketing link clicks and timestamps behind every identified visitor.

Transparent attribution is one way we prove the accuracy of our numbers.

How it works:

  • Uses real CRM records, real order IDs and time stamped click history
  • Stitches together TOF, Middle funnel retargeting and direct web visits that convert
  • Delayed conversion credit even when campaign has ended
  • Infinite lookback window

We use the 1st party data conversions and the inbound link clicks we detect to form a customer journey that can look backward or forward in time depending on your performance marketing needs.

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Unveiling the Attribution Time Machine

Unveiling the Attribution Time Machine underline


Clicks in the future get chained back to clicks from the past with a full audit trail.

Our numbers WILL differ from the reported conversions in Meta and Google - that’s by design.  We report only the truth we can verify and back up with your actual OrderIDs and Email profiles.

Until a conversion happens, the clicks stay in our database.  Then when identification occurs, the attribution time machine goes to work.

Unveiling the Attribution Time Machinee
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