ROI and LTV Reporting

Make business decisions with confidence when you understand your marketing performance.
Discover the unique advantages of Wicked Reports' easy-to-understand ROI and LTV reporting.


Increase your ROI and Understand your Customers

Without ROI tracking, you can't be sure your ad and marketing budgets aren't being wasted.

Without LTV tracking, you can't be sure you're targeting the right people or be able to determine who your most valuable customers are.

With Wicked Reports, you get ROI and LTV tracking as well as comprehensive campaign attribution you can trust.

Here's how Wicked Reports can increase your business' marketing and advertising ROI and boost your customer lifetime value.

Connect to Google & Facebook Ads to Confidently Track ROI

Ad managers can scale campaigns based on actual revenue and results. You’re taking the guesswork out of your marketing.

With Wicked Reports, you'll get visibility into your business' most profitable and unprofitable campaigns. This will help you manage more effective campaigns.


Understand Your High-Value Customers

Wicked Reports enables you to detect which campaigns are driving high LTV customers.

We track leads as they buy, giving you accurate, top-of-funnel ROI data to confidently scale your campaigns. Generate leads with confidence, knowing they will become profitable over time. 

High Valued Customers

See The Whole Picture

Without analytics, your business can't be sure your marketing, advertising, or sales campaigns are working.
You'll invest in failing campaigns and miss opportunities for growth.
At Wicked Reports, we're dedicated to giving you the full picture.
Here's what you can do with Wicked Reports:


Harness Google machine learning to optimize ROI

Find leads that become high-value customers

Stop guessing. Scale campaigns based on true revenue and results

Save hours with automation and easily-understandable data

Wicked Reports dashboard
  • See the specific subscription order IDs that drive your high ROI campaigns.

  • Accurately determine the offers that work on cold traffic to find new leads that become high-value customers.

  • Prevent wild goose chases wondering if your conversion pixel is firing correctly.

  • Trust that you can act on the conversion data.




  • What is ROI and how is it calculated?

    ROI (or Return on Investment), is a calculation of how profitable your campaigns or marketing efforts are. ROI is calculated by subtracting the budget of your campaign from its profit and dividing it by the budget.

    ROI is crucial in your business' marketing success, as it tells you whether a campaign is successful or not after every factor is included.

  • What is an ROI report?

    An ROI report is a detailed accounting of your return on investment. 

    It lays out how much money you’ve spent as opposed to how much money you’ve received from your campaigns to show which campaigns are driving the most profit.


  • What does LTV mean?

    LTV (or Lifetime Value), sometimes referred to as Customer Lifetime Value, is the measurement of a customer's potential or existing monetary value to your business.

    LTV is based on data which analyzes the net profit you've made (or stand to make) from a customer. It is valuable in determining the true ROI of a particular campaign by looking at its long-term profitability.

  • How do you calculate LTV?

    You can calculate CLV by using a simple formula. Add up the annual revenue generated by a customer and multiply that by the average customer lifespan. Then subtract the initial cost of acquiring the customer.

    However, Wicked Reports' marketing analytics tools will give you the exact LTV of specific customers, so no math or guesswork is needed.

Wicked Reports is for you…

  • If you want to stop wasting money wondering which of your ad or marketing campaigns are actually driving the best ROI. 
  • If you're struggling to determine the true value of your leads, and want to focus on prospects and customers with a high LTV.
  • If you own a successful online SMB and want to scale your marketing and sales efforts as profits grow.
  • If you're concerned you might be missing growth opportunities due to inaccurate or misleading information from Google Analytics or other tracking systems.
  • If you’re frustrated by dealing with multiple tracking and analytics systems that produce conflicting data and are complicated to set up.
    High Valued Customers
Most of all, Wicked Reports is for you if you need an affordable tracking system that doesn’t require skilled technical help and a staff of data analysts to understand.