Attribution is alive and well for the marketers that have the right mindset. It is not important to capture every single cross device click in a 100 touchpoint journey to purchase.

Attribution modeling

It is important to choose the right attribution model based on the intent of your marketing campaigns, and then use that model to make a data-driven decision to scale, kill, or chill on the campaign ad spend. If your ROI increases over time due to attribution-support decision making, YOU WIN.

Data Mining

Pulling together, analyzing and reporting this cross-channel data yourself is tough. Data mining is a critical component of SMART Attribution provides the insights that enable strategic data-driven decisions.

Predictive Behaviors

We data mine for patterns to help you in all phases of your marketing. Buying Day and Time shows what day and time your customers have bought in the past. This informs when you want to send emails and run PPC campaigns.

Lifetime Value

We always show the clicks we track, the leads we’ve detected, and the sales we’ve attributed. No more head-scratching over puzzling pixel stats that overstate conversion data.

Missed Opportunities

We mine your data to answer tough questions like, “Where did you turn off marketing campaigns that are now bringing in revenue?” We can answer these questions because of our attribution models that incorporate customer lifetime value.

Best Customer

Our best customer report answers questions like, “Where did you find your best customers?”. The bigger the circle, the higher the revenue. The further a circle is to the right, the higher the ROI. Click on the circle, and learn why this data is important and how to act on it.

Product Reporting

Having our SKU system is integral for inventory optimization, as it allows you to reduce the carrying costs associated with overstocking slow-moving products. Knowledge is power when it comes to inventory management, and the more you know about your stock levels and product movements, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions about purchase orders.