Connect Lead Generation to High Value Customers

Gain actionable insight into your lead generation campaigns.
Measure the long-term impact of your ads that generate new leads using the Wicked Reports attribution platform.

Increase Your Lead Gen ROI

You’re running multiple marketing campaigns and bringing in leads, but do you know which ones are converting?

Often the best leads take time to buy. The most valuable customers are those that were acquired as leads many moons ago. The problem is that existing analytics don’t show that.

The average lead takes 44 days to buy across the 4,000 websites Wicked Reports currently tracks. Not many media buyers will buy leads for 44 days without a profit!

Campaign optimizers get an edge when they can buy leads at a short-term loss when they know that thanks to lifetime value, the lead generation campaign is massively profitable over a 30-90 day (or longer) period.

With Wicked Reports, you can track where your best leads are coming from and focus on those campaigns.

Here’s how you can increase your lead generation ROI and identify your high-value customers with Wicked Reports.

Get conversion data you can trust

Wicked Reports connects to 1st party CRM and sales data to automatically detect and attribute revenue to high value conversions.

Then, with industry-leading attribution modeling, you'll see exactly what your leads did after conversion, as well as their lifetime value.

connect to 1st party CRM and sales data

Connect lead generation to high value customers

Wicked Reports uses leading-edge attribution models that show you the long-term value of your ads.

We automatically connect your lead generation campaigns to your highest-value customers, so you can identify and scale the campaigns that work.

longterm value of ads

Optimize your ad spend with powerful lead generation analytics

Without accurate conversion data, you can’t accurately identify where your best leads are coming from.
That means a higher cost per lead due to poorly-allocated ad spend. You’re more likely to stop spending on campaigns when the lead costs are higher than average if you don’t know the lifetime value of those leads.
Wicked Reports customers often turn old lead generation campaigns back on because the leads from those campaigns are highly valuable. It just took time and correct lead attribution to detect!
Wicked Reports gives you the full picture, so you can make better marketing decisions for your business. 
Here are just a few of the things you can do with Wicked Reports:

Identify what marketing messages deliver the best leads

Connect lead generation to high value customers

Determine the long-term value of your campaigns

Scale winning campaigns and cut losers

growth opportunities with accurate sales data

  • Confidently make marketing decisions about your ad spend based on hard evidence

  • Get honest conversion data and actionable insight you can’t get anywhere else. 

  • Find out the exact marketing messages that get your leads to convert.

  • See the true ROI of your lead generation campaigns over time.


Lead Generation Analytics FAQs

  • What is lead generation tracking?

    Lead generation tracking is the process of tracking your leads as they move along the customer journey.

    It can help your business understand where your best leads come from, so you can make informed decisions about your ad spend.

    Wicked Reports shows you the long-term value of your lead generation, enabling you to spend confidently on campaigns that ROI positive over time. 

  • What are lead generation KPIs?

    Lead generation KPIs or key performance indicators are metrics that quantify your lead generation efforts, such as return on ad spend (ROAS), customer acquisition costs (CAC), and cost per lead.

    They can help your business measure the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

    Wicked Reports dynamically updates lead generation KPIs like ROI and CAC metrics, so you can optimize your ad spend.

  • What is the average cost per lead?

    The average cost per lead is the estimated amount of money your business spends to acquire qualified leads.

    It can help your business calculate how much to spend on acquiring new leads, so you remain profitable.

    Wicked Reports attributes all lifetime value to campaigns that generate your leads, allowing you to identify where your most valuable customers are coming from.

  • How do you measure lead generation ROI?

    ROI or return on investment is a performance metric that measures how profitability an activity is over a period of time.

    You can measure your lead generation ROI by taking your gross profit and subtracting by total marketing costs. Then, divide that value by total marketing costs and multiply by 100.

    Wicked Reports automatically updates your lead generation ROI in real time based on ad spend and sales value.

Wicked Reports is for your business if…

  • You’re driving leads but can’t determine where your most profitable leads are coming from.
  • You're looking for a customer tracking system that can help you measure your ads' lifetime value from click to retention.
  • If you want to track your ad spend across all your marketing channels and see what messaging leads to higher lead generation and customer value.
  • If you’re worried you may be missing growth opportunities because you don’t have accurate conversion data.

potential missed opportunities

Ultimately, Wicked Reports is for you if you’re looking for a reliable lead generation analytics system that delivers and makes sense of your data.