We are coming to Google NYC for our first ever event Wednesday, January 29th 2020.

Google NYC HQ, 111 8th Ave at the corner of W. 15th Street and use the designated Google entrance.

1:00pm Google Campus Tour

2:00pm-5:00pm Advanced Intel from Google and Wicked Reports

5:00pm-7:00pm Happy Hour 

join the wicked crowd

During this free event, you will attend an exclusive feature presentation from Google into the signals, machine learning and advanced targeting that will harness all the machine learning horsepower into a digestible format for you to crush 2020.

Prepare for 2020 and learn how insights from Wicked Reports tracking $2.6 billion in marketing spend attribution will impact 2020 strategy. Manage your marketing channel budget with stats not available anywhere else!


Feature presentation by google

Google Reach & Scale

7 billion data signals have advanced targeting capabilities.

Machine Learning

Learn how to leverage machine learning and when to avoid it.

New Features

New ad formats that help top and middle funnel campaigns.


Attribution models using real data for True ROI.

trends from 2019 and the impact on 2020

Insights from having tracked $2.6 billion in ad spend across 4,000+ websites

Enter at 111 8th Ave at the corner of W. 15th Street and use the designated Google entrance.

No parking onsite, please plan accordingly.

1pm Google NYC Campus Tour

2pm What $2.6 Billion in Marketing Attribution Predicts for 2020

3pm Google Feature Presentation:  Ad formats, Signals, & Targeting to crush 2020

4pm The coming wave of 1st Party Data

5-7pm Happy Hour & Mingling

Clinton Scott

Strategic Partner Manager, Google

Scott Desgrosseilliers

CEO & Founder, Wicked Reports