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Wicked Reports is the #1 marketing attribution software for small to medium size businesses.

WickedReports flame site iconWicked Reports Product Update: March 2016

Watch for the Wicked Reports product upgrade tsunami that’s headed your way. It starts now and will roll out over the next two weeks. Our goal is to find what makes money for you and what wastes your time. Once you know, you can scale up what works and kill what doesn’t!

There is so much to cover that I’ll follow up with a separate, deep-dive post for each feature . Here’s the list of upgrades coming from Wicked Reports:

Breakdowns of New Leads vs. Reoptins:  Retargeting your campaigns is HUGE now. Your marketing team needs to know if the leads generated by an ad are new leads or re-optins from your existing list. This tells you.

Fully Customized Attribution Time Windows:  Correct attribution can make or break your marketing!  Now you can customize the windows on your own or rely on Wicked Reports to set the time windows to best fit your business.   
Hyper Detailed Contact History:  See clearly which click led to which conversion point in the customer life cycle.

Instagram Ad Tracking: Easy peasy. When possible, we load past existing Instagram ROI stats.

200% Upgraded Server “Juice” = Faster reporting.

Improved First-Click Attribution: We reload every lead’s click history to show you improved first-click tracking. You have total control over our first-click tracking logic.

Improved Re-optin Attribution: Clearly see which ads drove re-optins to your list and see in a contact’s click history which click was the re-optin(s).

Clear Attribution Time-window Indicators: Whenever you are picking between our various attribution models, you can see the time window being used.

Facebook Lead Ad Integration: For the first time learn the precise ROI on leads from your Facebook Lead Ad.

Mission Control:– Get at-a-glance ROI for all sources across all attribution models.

Easy Facebook Boosted Post ROI reporting.

This is what we have in store for March. You will hear from us this week when your app is upgraded with various features. You will get a deeper look at how each feature helps you make and save money.

For more details, watch our demo:

Learn how Wicked Reports SMART Attribution can help you learn what marketing activities are working and which are NOT working so you can increase ROI and scale your business.