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The Wicked Reports Unique Advantages

Wicked Reports gives you three advantages you won’t get from any other marketing tracking system:

• WickedSmartz™ Augmented Intelligence

• WickedSharp™ Data

• Full-Impact ROI of Marketing Programs


WickedSmartz™ Makes You Smarter

WickedSmartz™, our intelligent analytics interface, performs the complex technical tasks and quantitative analysis you’ve always had to do yourself. You’re a marketer, not a coder. Why should you master filtering, sorting, and analyzing data before you can start your real job of generating business?

Computer screen showing screenshot of WickedSmartz.Just ask WickedSmartz simple English-language questions and get immediate answers about which programs create actual revenue and which just deliver clicks or opens.

– Let go of laborious number crunching

– Can the old click-around run-around

– Forget filtering and analysis

Choose one of seven critical questions and get answers from WickedSmartz that are fast, accurate, and easy to understand. Then move on to the work you really enjoy.

Here are the seven questions WickedSmartz answers for you–more will be added over time.


WickedSharp Data Shows You Everything

WickedSharp™ data gives you full attribution of every sale across multiple data sources over the entire customer journey. This scope and perspective lets you:

•    Follow the customer journey from first optin to first purchase.
•    Track purchases back to the right marketing program.
•    Get on top of how, when and why your customers buy over time.

The Customer Journey can be complex and WickedSharp data provides the hyper-focus that lets you assess how your marketing is working on all four major prospect-to-customer engagements: First Click, First Optin, Re Optin, and Last Click.

Plus we pull data from the only truly reliable source—your CRM. This includes information that pixel-based systems simply can’t see: sales leads from live events, automatic credit card billing, subscription purchase, phone sales follow-up, and people shopping with cookies turned off.

That means you can track your highest-value, most important customers. When you can see what brought in that business, you can duplicate it and generate more.

Wicked Reports also integrates with the major online ad networks, websites, landing pages, and emails for a complete view of marketing results over time.


Full-Impact ROI Gives You Accurate Attribution

Wicked Reports gives you a full-attribution impact assessment of your ads. This comprehensive analysis removes all the headache, frustration, and complexity. Reclaim the hours you’ve been spending crunching numbers. Wicked Reports analyzes the data automatically and gives you fast, accurate answers to your most important questions.

Then the WickedSmartz intelligent interface tells you what you need to know:

What made people become customers?

Where did I first find them?

Where did I find them most recently?

Where did I convert them?