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Wicked Report’s Report Library

Most online marketing metrics companies force small businesses to do a lot of heavy lifting.

They’ll give you reports—after you provide the coding, tracking, filtering, and analysis. That’s like a restaurant serving you dinner as long as you do all the kitchen prep work first. You need a system that does the backroom analysis so you can think about more important things—like using the results to grow your business. A system that gives you just the reports you need.

Wicked Reports put together a library of 13 reports for you. Seven are available only from Wicked Reports.
All you do is select which information you need. For the first time you will know which ads or campaigns are making money.

And with Wicked Report’s new “look and feel” dashboard,
getting the information you need at your fingertips just got easier.

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6 ROI Reports

The ROI Report

Tells you the four most critical points of the customer journey:

  1. The first click Wicked Reports ever tracked
  2. The first click that made the customer opt in for the first time
  3. The last click the customer made before ordering
  4. The last click that got the customer to re-optin to something

If all four points have attribution, the ROI Report only counts the order once, so you don’t have to sort through multiple attributions. Use this data to focus your online spending on the programs that generate the most revenue.

Visually intuitive, the ROI Report brings data to life with:

  • Color coding
  • Vertical bar charts for Clicks, Leads, Sales; Revenue vs. Costs; Cost vs Earnings per Lead
  • Horizontal bars for campaign data
  • Icons that identify data sources: Facebook email, social media, etc.

Cohort Report – Only from Wicked Reports

The Cohort Analysis Report Shows you the value of a cohort: a group of new leads, determined by when they opted in and what click got them to opt in.  Understand how much money leads spent for a specific date range how much they continue to spend over time.

  • See all the leads that opted in during a defined time frame because they clicked on the same ad.
  • See how much money the cohort of leads spent during the selected time frame.
  • See how much money those people spent cumulatively in the future: one month later, three months later, etc.
  • See which of those lead sources had a positive or negative ROI.
  • Learn which lead sources to optimize and which to cancel based on how much revenue they generated.


Facebook ROI Report – Only from Wicked Reports

Tells you which campaigns, audiences, ads, and offers are giving you the best ROI:
•    Know the lifetime value vs. acquisition cost—updated daily
•    Get sales and revenue data pulled from your CRM automatically
•    Pinpoint where you’re making money or wasting money on Facebook ads

Google Adwords ROI Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you the precise ROI of every Google Adwords ad, campaign, and keyword. Updated daily for lifetime value vs. cost to acquire the customer—without a programmer!
•    See which ads, campaigns, and keywords deliver the highest ROI
•    Know precisely where your sales are coming from and where you’re wasting money
•    Go beyond Adwords data with data from your CRM and click tracking

Email ROI Report

Tells you which emails are driving sales and which are not performing well.
•    Focus on ROI instead of open rates
•    Identify the strong points and weak links in your email sales funnel
•    Know which high-value emails to send to your entire list
•    Send fewer emails that just don’t work
•    Make more money from email marketing

Social Media ROI Report

Tells you the return on your social media investment—which posts, tweets, and pins led to sales and which ones flopped.
•    See in which social networks to concentrate your marketing
•    Base outreach on sales, not likes
•    Discover which types of content interest your audiences most
•    Learn exactly how much revenue that viral post generated

4 Marketing Productivity Reports


Wicked Reports buying day report. Buying Day Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you the best time of day to send your emails based on your company’s data.
•    Learn when customers are most likely to purchase—calculated daily
•    Discover which day of the week is most profitable for your emails
•    Learn what works for you instead of using default settings or best practices
•    Find out whether to focus mailings at certain times or on certain days

Wicked Reports buying time report.Buying Time Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you at what time of day people are most likely to buy from you—not just click!
•    Base your email send time on facts, not opinions or best practices
•    Pinpoint the send time that is most likely to make more sales
•    Stop depending on the default send time in email automation apps
•    Send emails when people are most likely to buy, not click

Wicked Reports geography report.Customer Geography Report

Tells you where to focus your advertising based on data from your CRM.
•    Learn in which states or countries your advertising works best
•    Customize your emails based on geography, language, and local culture
•    Pinpoint which location would work best to host an event
•    Discover which states to target with PPC campaigns

Wicked Reports frequency report.Customer Frequency Report

Tells you who your best customers are based on repeat business.
•    Learn how often customers are ordering from you
•    Identify the low-hanging fruit: customers who have only ordered once
•    Rely on data pulled from your own CRM
•    Use this as a scoreboard for campaigns to get more repeat orders

Wicked Reports Predictive Behavior ReportPredictive Behaviors Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you when people buy, based on their time zone.
•    Increase sales by sending emails on the best day and at the best time
•    Tailor ad spend to the best days and times
•    Test the ROI impact of ads and emails based on day and time

4 Sales Reports

Wicked Reports delayed revenue report.Delayed Revenue Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you which audiences, ads, posts, and emails are giving you the highest long-term revenue.
•    Stop depending on short-term results and focus on long-term revenue
•    See if campaigns and ads are producing positive or negative ROI
•    Discover how long a lead-generation program takes to become profitable
•    Separate the winners from the losers to grow your business

Lead Value Over Time Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you which audiences, ads, posts, and emails had the greatest spread between cost-per-lead and revenue-per-lead.
•    Identify the precise point when leads become worth more than the cost to acquire them
•    Discover if your lead-generation activities have a positive ROI
•    See how long it takes for the revenue-per-lead to exceed the cost-per-lead

Sales Velocity Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you exactly how long your sales cycle is so you can stop guessing and focus on what works.
•    Pinpoint how the length of your sales cycle varies by source, campaign, audience, and offer
•    See how long it takes for leads to become customers
•    Discover which marketing programs have the shortest sales cycle

Wicked Reports product tripwire report.Product Tripwire Attribution Report – Only from Wicked Reports Wicked Reports library icon

Tells you if you’re getting a positive return on a super low-ticket Tripwire offer. (Between $1 and $20)
•    Learn how long it takes for your Tripwire offer to become profitable
•    Decide whether to keep or kill a Tripwire offer based on its ROI
•    Find out which audiences, ads, emails, and posts led to the highest long-term revenue

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