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Are you…

Tired of the confusing, cryptic, and unverifiable ways existing analytics tools attribute revenue and sales?

Fed up with trying to figure out how you actually made your sales?

Frustrated by cobbling together data from different spreadsheets?

Convinced attribution is too complicated—and often incomplete—because you have to use the correct attribution model that fits your specific marketing strategy?

Fortunately, Wicked Reports does all the hard work for you. It’s a “People-based Tracking” system that connects directly to the source of your data.

Wicked Reports is a Customer LTV, ROI, and sales attribution app that provides laser-focused marketing performance results… to the ad, email, and social-post level… across the customer journey.

Wicked Reports’ patent-pending technology uses actual leads and sales mapped to clicks, attributes value to most important and actionable customer acquisition—and does it all automatically.

That means no more pixels, no more worrying if you’re making decisions based on bad data,
and no more hiring of expensive programmers to connect all your systems!

Sales Attribution


Track click times with tracking script

Track lead-creation times with CRM integrations or Contact API

Track sales time with:
• CRM integrations
• Stripe integration
• Order API
• Order CSV uploading
• Shopify app integration


Compare times of clicks to customer journey points:
• First click
• First optin
• Last optin (which we call re-optin)
• Last click


We attribute each order only once, by time, per customer journey point for accurate analysis. This avoids conflicting attributions and confusing reports.

Multi-Channel Analysis


Track and analyze:

• Emails
• Google adwords
• Facebook ads
• Blog posts
• Webinars


See the results of:

• Different messages
• Creative options
• New offers
• Discounts
• Coupons

Advanced Filtering and Sorting

Advanced, flexible filtering and sorting let you analyze multiple campaigns and narrow your focus as needed:
•    Measure trends in a period between any two selected times
•    Filter multiple selections to identify the most important fields
•    Filter ranges for greater than/less analysis than on cost, leads and sales


Filter by:
• Attribution model
• Date range
• Source
• Medium
• Campaigns
• Range


See charts for:
• Clicks/Leads/Sales
• Revenue vs. Costs
• Cost vs. Earnings per Lead
• Long-term value
• Campaign data:
– Best/Worst ROI
– Most/Least Leads
– Most/Least Sales
– Most/Least Revenue

Grasp meaning quickly with:
• Color coding,
• Vertical and horizontal bar charts
• Icons that identify data sources
• Mouse-over explanations of results

Enhanced Usability and Decision Making

Only Wicked Reports can tell you what ads, emails, and other programs are responsible for the sale, instead of the click or the open. You get subscription-based, actionable analysis of marketing results at each stage in the customer’s journey. In just minutes, answer questions like:

• Where did my best customers come from?
• How much money do I make from my ads in the first 24 hours? After 7 days? After 30 days?
• Which emails or retargeting offers produce the most profits?
• Which Facebook audiences spend the most on my products?
• Which keywords produce the biggest ROI?
• Which 20% of my marketing is producing 80% of my income?

Now you can do more of what worked and less of what didn’t. Plus, there’s no programming or complicated setup. You see data in an intelligent, real-time, English-language interface that’s easy to understand.